Team Visionary, Belle Laide Events & Atlassian came together to create an Amazing Virtual corporate event in Minecraft.

Our team of Minecraft developers as well as our  Minecraft Studio team created and managed a Jaw Dropping Private corporate event held in Minecraft for Atlassian.

Atlassian – Big Bash

Team Visionary & Belle Laide Events took Atlassian’s Big Bash to a new level of interactivity using Minecraft.

High-level details

  • The first private corporate event to be held in a metaverse
  • The largest virtual event ever held in Minecraft
  • Built upon modular and scalable technologies

Client Background


Atlassian Minecraft Event

Atlassian is a technology giant with over 8,000 employees spread across 14 offices around the world. They are a global leader in software development and management tools.

Belle Laide Events

Belle Laide Events is one of the premier event agencies in Australia, having been responsible for events such as TEDxSydney and the Women’s Initiative Launch.

What did the client want?

Atlassian wanted to be able to run their annual employee team bonding event in a virtual environment, as they could not facilitate in-person events due to COVID-19.

What was the problem they wanted to solve?

The event needed to be held in a virtual environment so that any employee would be able to attend regardless of their physical location. It also needed to be as frictionless as possible given that a significant portion of their workforce is not tech savvy.

What is your company doing overall?

Team Visionary is a creative studio and an official partner of Minecraft offering all encompassing services in the Minecraft game sphere, from level design to full-on experience development.

Why did the client decide to work with you?

Minecraft is the perfect medium to use given the constraints, and Team Visionary is the only team capable of taking on the project given our expertise in the field as well as our technical abilities. Why not check out some alternative Minecraft Builds ideas with the Team Visionary guide.

The Challenge

Big Bash 2021 needed to meet the following criteria to be considered fit for use:

  • Accessible anywhere regardless of physical location
  • Deep cultural relevance to Atlassian
  • Encouraging interaction amongst team members and across entire groups
  • User friendly for individuals who aren’t familiar with computers

Team Visionary proudly presents one of our biggest Minecraft Builds and social event that our talented designers and developers have created thus far! Commissioned by Atlassian, we created The Island of Atlassian, a special place where new and old Atlassians’ connected, played, and socialized as a team, proving the efficiency and versatility of Minecraft as a vessel for hosting large scale, highly customized events and social spaces. Read about some cool facts about the Skyblock Server for some alternative reading.

Legends of Atlassian past, present and in waiting, a mecca of fun where NEW LEGENDS were created!

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Legends of Atlassian Image

What we’ve done

Big Bash 2021 | Kickoff

Big Bash Kick Off

Project Overview

Big Bash 2021: Legends of Atlassia takes place on the Island of Atlassia, a custom environment created by us. Participants are grouped into teams of six and sent on a 90 minute journey across various parts of the island, earning Kudos points along the way.

☑ Completely custom experience with models, cutscenes, and other never-before-seen features

☑ Autonomous event management & orchestration

☑ Fully scalable architecture via Kubernetes

Atlassian World

Between each event stage, teams are taken to the Atlassia Arena for a small intermission.

The Atlassian Arena sits at the heart of Atlassia and serves as the centerpiece of Big Bash 21, featuring many aspects of Atlassian’s core history and culture.

Cloud Station

The “introduction area” where teams meet up for the first time and learn the basics of Minecraft.

Cloud Station


A scavenger hunt set in Atlassian’s new HQ building with a twist halfway through, sending players into a high-pressure puzzle game


A futuristic city where Atlassians try and squash as many bugs as they can in the timeframe allotted

Atlassian Jira City image

The Confluence

Restore water and electricity to the land by powering on the generators at the heart of the dam

The Confluence example

Research and Development

We had to break Minecraft completely in order to match our desired vision.  If you would like to discuss any projects with the Team Visionary Minecraft Builder team, please drop us an email, we would love to discuss your vision and ideas with you.


Minecraft does not come with features such as using custom assets (not provided by the game) or any form of cutscene support. We had to come up with new and intuitive ways to achieve these milestones, more often than not tampering with the game’s code in order to do so.

Notable accomplishments

First (and only) smooth cutscene engine made in Minecraft, all managed from the server itself

☑ Added support for custom assets such as textures and models (with accompanying animations)

☑ Built a music festival platform in Minecraft used to host concerts headlining 4 different international artists

Minecraft: Java Edition does not have any kind of native support for custom 3D models, like the one shown on this page. Due to this, we had to make it work ourselves.

Fun fact: the model you see on this page is made up of 123 individual bones, which are translated into Minecraft armor stands in-game.

Minecraft Java edition example

We created a tool that allows us to make cutscenes in Minecraft using a smooth camera on a multiplayer server, something which has never been done before. This element is definetely not a cute minecraft texture packs option!

Smooth Camera On Minecraft Solution example

Example video of our in-house festival software

in-house festival software example

We developed our infrastructure with scalability in mind (in order to accommodate a theoretically infinite load), using a custom software stack on top of Kubernetes to handle our deployment and node management. Check out some ideas for new Minecraft house decorations today for some variations in Minecraft building.

custom Minecraft software stack on top of Kubernete example screenshot

Minecraft Project Results

Big Bash 2021 | Wrap-Up Reel

Atlassian Minecraft Build Project Results image

Verity Bell Atlassian Employee

“This event is on a scale we have never seen before. The amount of detail and heart that went into this world is unmatched. [Atlassians] will be talking about this for years to come”

Verity Bell

Global Events Lead – Employee Experience @ Atlassian

What we learned

Virtual experiences are going to play an important role in the years to come as our world becomes more and more interconnected.

  • Our framework has been proven to be successful at enterprise scale
  • The quality and depth of a given experience will get better with each iteration
  • Using Minecraft as a base platform can be advantageous

The PDF Version has been added here:

Minecraft Corporate Project Builds

The Team Visionary developers are leading experts in managing Minecraft Build projects.  As well as working with Corporate organisations and brands, we also provide bespoke Minecraft sets.  This includes Mod Packs, Minecraft resource packs, Minecraft Skins and complete Universe and World solutions.  We are also not limted just to Minecraft, we are super skilled in creating almost any type of gaming and Metaverse solution from coding to graphics, the Team Visionary Studio can do it all, and do it well.  From creating a Minecraft Ruby texture, Minecraft TNT to a Kitchen sink pack, we can make anything you desire!

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