When the vanilla version of Minecraft was launched, TNT was the only explosive block available. This led to several creative uses that are still a lot of fun today. They are ranging from simple pranks to highly effective strategies.

While modern game mechanics are drastically changed from what we initially saw, this does not mean you cannot have a lot of extra fun. Below you can find some really great things to do with TNT in Minecraft.

Trapping And Pranking

This is the classic TNT use in Minecraft and has been used for a very long time now, ever since the game’s launch. You can so easily utilize TNT to trap other players and prank them. In fact, you just need to go search for such clips on YouTube.

To have some fun, you need Redstone, TNT blocks, and a pressure plate. Then, you build the trap and you wait for someone to activate it. However, keep in mind that you should be ready for a prank war. Such a war might even lead to base destructions.

Duplicate TNT Blocks

This is actually very useful for every single trick on this list. Just as the name implies, the Minecraft Duplication glitch allows you to duplicate TNT blocks.

Let’s face it. The truth is it takes a lot of time to create all those blocks you need to pull those pranks and do many other things. You just need detector rails, dead coral fans, wood, at least 1 TNT block, slime blocks, sticky pistons, and a lever. Then, you will have as many TNT blocks as you want.

Quickly Farm Mobs

Do you want to gain a lot of experience very fast? How about great loot for mobs? With TNT, you can create mob farms.

Several designs are available. More farms are being created every single day. TNT is very effective as you fight mobs but you need to be a little careful with the arrangement.

Remember that you need to be far away from your base before you start the TNT battle with those pesky mobs. Besides the fact that you will get a lot of loot fast, you will also have a lot of fun since huge explosions always make games better.

Create A TNT Cannon

With a TNT cannon, you can fire TNT ammunition at mobs or other players. You can actually do this from distances of over 300 meters.

Several designs are available but generally, you need solid blocks (like granite), a button, repeaters, half slabs, TNT, a bucket with water, and Redstone dust.

Firing the TNT cannon is as simple as putting a block inside the bucket of water. Then, you just press a button. However, you need to practice a little because you might light the TNT block way too fast. Generally, for a distance of 300 meters, you need to set the repeater to 3 ticks. For other distances, you need to use other settings.

Create A TNT Flying Machine

The TNT flying machine is not as easy to build as the TNT cannon. You need Redstone and pistons. In vanilla Minecraft, it is even tougher to build the machine.

Look for a tutorial online or use one of the hacks that are available in the event that you play on anarchy servers. However, remember that this is often used for griefing, which is not necessarily what you might want.

Use TNT To Grief

Speaking about griefing, one of the best ways to do this to a base for a player you do not like is to use TNT. You will be able to do serious damage.

The idea is to construct a TNT flying machine. Then, you can drop it for a huge explosion. You can even set up a chain of TNT blocks that would create a huge hole around the base. Only your imagination will stop you from using the explosive in very creative ways.

Use TNT To Find Ore

The truth is this last tip is not really that efficient. However, it can be fun and helpful.

When you go mining, you find several rare ores. This includes gold and diamonds, together with several common ores, like Redstone and iron.

The bottom line is you will have a lot of Redstone available. Use this to find the rare ores. Set the TNT blocks at Y levels. Do this from level 4 to level 16. After, set it all up in flames. You can thus clear out a huge area. You will also, most likely, get some diamonds.

The reason why you need Redstone is that you use it to ignite TNT blocks. You can do this from a distance so you are safe. The only requirement is having the Redstone touch a TNT block. This sets off every single connected TNT block.