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Awesome Squad

Jump into the action! Go pro with these 12 teen skins and create the most awesome squad in the city. Recruit as many members as possible and become the best! Choose any of these modern skins and create your next Minecraft adventure. Get the fame you crave!

What's Included?
• 12 Teen Skins
• 1 Free Skin

Starlight Fairytale

Starlight Kingdom has seen peace for hundreds of years, Suddenly, an evil presence emerges from the shadows. The witch has cast a spell over the once peaceful lands, turning even the friendliest creatures into dangerous foes. You and your friends must work together to undo the damage once more.

+ 1.16 fantasy texture pack
+ 8 skins
+ Fantasy storyline
+ By Team Visionary

Cyberpunk Mashup

Robots and augments have become the norm in this cyberpunk reality. Here you'll find yourself with many challenges around every corner. The city has become the playground for the robot elites. Take the journey into this stunning world, a place many mysteries waiting to be discovered.

+ 1.16 HD resource pack
+ 20 HD skins
+ Large open world with a story
+ By Team Visionary

Coming soon to the marketplace!

City Simulator

City Simulator has life breathing through it's streets with custom NPCs. From the bustling downtown, to the quiet streets of the suburb, drive custom vehicles in an open sandbox city with many secrets to discover.

+ 2 free skins
+ 156 total skins
+ 28 drivable vehicles
+ 56 NPCs with AI
+ 2000x2000 modern city
+ By TeamVisionary


From twisty clouds to dark spooky caverns, this pack reignites the imagination and experience of how survival should feel. With a cold wind on your back, to the fiery pits of the nether, each element is unique and breathtaking in its own way.

- Made for 1.14!
- Full custom UI!
- Cool custom sky!
- 25 custom models!
- 6 skins
- By Mikket & TeamVisionary

Animal Teen Friends

Embrace your animal spirit and become free! There is a cat, a bunny and even a dinosaur! Each of them lives in a unique realistic realm. But wait, there are more animals if you enter their free spirit worlds. Come see for yourself and find your inner animal friend!

+ 2 free skins
+ 12 cute animal teens
+ 6 girls & 6 boys
+ By TeamVisionary

Cute Anime Teens

Embrace your free spirit with these Minecraft summer-themed skins! Meet realistic anime teens who are a big fan of music, games and anime! In their free time, these teens are doing parkour across the modern city, while freeing their inner spirits and sharing their cool personalities.

+ 12 anime teens
+ 2 free teen skins
+ 6 girls & 6 boys
+ By TeamVisionary

Gamer Teens

Is this modern life? Or just another game with mods? The teens love hanging out in the city, relaxing, competing and expressing their creativity through their favourite game modes like parkour and skyblock. Help them explore the virtual world!

+ 12 teens
+ 2 free teen skins
+ 6 girls & 6 boys
+ By TeamVisionary

Teens Free Spirit

Free spirits are awakening the city. School is over, Minecraft music is in the air, and teens spend their free time together in the city, being obsessed with decorating modern homes with furniture. Even if you're a noob or a pro, teens can teach you new concepts. Come for yourself and find your free spirit!

+ 2 free skins
+ 6 girls & 6 boys
+ By TeamVisionary

Freedom Buddies

Teens are out of school, summer break is here and all the nightclubs are teaming with life. Minecraft music is in the air and a few lucky rappers could get their big break in their free time. We heard their parties are the best in the city, come for yourself and find out!

+ 2 free skins
+ 8 girls & 8 boys
+ By TeamVisionary

Tropical City Resort

Feel the cool ocean breeze while hanging out with school friends. Soak in the city, relax on the beach, go treasure hunting, explore ancient ruins, visit the