Tropical City Resort - TeamVisionary


Explore this beautifully designed, detailed and spread out tropical island that has a top-rated resort, amazing zoo with exotic animals from all around the world, a huge aquarium that has a ton of biodiversity and has a strong focus on preserving the world's oceans, world-renowned golf course, a huge theme park with rides to fit the tastes of all ages, buried treasure, beautiful sandy beaches perfect for you and your friends to hang out and grab some waves, skydiving with picturesque views and clear blue waters perfect for snorkelling and cave exploration. Tropical City Resort is a massive map with a lot of history behind it. There's an abandoned Spanish fortress on one of the islands, stunningly preserved in all of its glory. This is a map you must see for yourself!

Tropical City Resort is a value pack of everything that players are looking for. The number of custom models and the attention to detail found in each model is worth the admission alone. Drive a wide variety of vehicles like; cars, trucks, vans, motorbikes, police cars, sports cars, jet skis and much much more! The zoo and aquarium have a ton of new interactive animals creating a whole new Minecraft experience that you can't experience anywhere else. From lions, giraffes, tigers to whales and sharks, this Mash-Up pack has it all. We even added a secret Easter egg to the map, a giant creature will spawn when you play all the hidden music discs in the jukebox. We even went as far as adding new models to make the scenery look and feel like a true resort, ranging from furniture to other props that will delight players of all ages.

With Tropical City Resort, you will get a full HD texture pack that has beautiful vibrant colors, very detailed and aesthetically pleasing blocks that will make the player feel like its a brand new experience and immerses them further into the atmosphere that Tropical City Resort creates. Every single block, item and entity was meticulously crafted and reviewed to ensure it fits the overall look and vibe of the entire map. This pack is great to play with even outside of the map, in your own Minecraft Realms Plus server or in your own private world. The mobs and value added to this pack is truly breathtaking and will knock your socks off.

With 80 very detailed Minecraft skins fitting the tourist, vacation and urban lifestyle and aesthetic, various skins are fitting various genders and colors as well as custom clothing and apparel making each feel very unique and diverse. We're sure you'll find the perfect skin from this pack that fits your tastes. Each skin was carefully crafted to be high quality and appealing to players of all ages.