Starlight Fairytale - TeamVisionary

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A beautiful and colorful fantasy map spreading across several unique biomes, each with their own secrets to discover. From frozen mountain tops, to thick forests and even stinky swamps, Starlight has a bit of everything to keep you amazed and engrossed into the world it presents to you.

From friendly characters, to dangerous foes, Starlight Mashup has a wide variety of new creatures each with their own unique characteristics. These creatures reside in their part of the map, making their encounters a surprise turning every corner.

Choose the look of your character giving you a unique aesthetic while playing through Starlight. Enjoy a variety of skins that have their own unique character and style.

A complete 1.16 colorful texture pack brings new life to an old game. Each texture and model is uniquely textured to make the game world pop even more. You can enjoy the pack while playing Starlight or just enjoy the pack while playing in your own survival world. Either way, this pack provides you with many opportunities.