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We all love to build in Minecraft, so the Team Visionary developers have put together a list of Ten Minecraft Building Tips.

Whether it’s your next dirt mansion or a super detailed build, there are endless possibilities as to what you can create in Minecraft.

But of course with everything, you might hit a barrier and feel like your builds are not improving, or you feel like you are not progressing as quickly as you would like too.

Fear no more! Here are 10 Minecraft building tips to help you become a better builder. These tips will help you become a better builder and learn how to use your resources more efficiently.

Write down your idea and find reference pictures

A lot of people don’t understand how important planning can be when it comes to anything. Plan out days to work on your builds and set a date on when you want to have it completed by. It’s always a good idea to write your ideas down on paper, this way you won’t forget it.

Next you should create a document or a folder to store everything in, and then you should start planning the build! We recommend planning the following:

  • The build theme (e.g. medieval, modern, etc.)
  • How big the build will be
  • The color scheme of the build
  • A concept layout drawing/sketch
  • A concept building drawing/sketch
  • When you want to have it made by
  • How detailed you plan to make it

You should also find some images you can refer to for the building theme, we have provided an example below.

Minecraft Building Theme Example

The left picture is our reference image for a Japanese temple while on the right is our finished product of a Japanese temple using the reference image.

We recommend getting around 5 different reference images of what you want to create along with drawing plenty of concept images of the terrain, villages and whatever else you want to create.

You can click here to view Team Visionary’s portfolio to find images you can reference to for your own builds. This helps put all your ideas together to create the most realistic build you can make.

Create a good color scheme to build from

Another great Minecraft building tip is to have a great color scheme. Without it, your build will look quite mismatched and feel quite messy.

What you are building will, of course, affect what type of color scheme you’ll need, as an example, if you’re focusing on a tropical build, you’ll likely want to use a combination of mushroom stems, sandstone, end brick, end stone, and birch. If you’re making a very large build, you’ll likely be using up to 30+ blocks and different colors to create the build.

Below we have provided you with some blocks that work well together.

Minecraft Building Block Example

  • Stone, cobblestone, bedrock, acacia log & acacia planks
  • Oak planks, spruce planks, dark oak planks, oak log & brown terracotta
  • Stone, light gray wool, light gray concrete powder, light gray concrete, dark gray concrete

Those are some of the color schemes that can assist you out, whether your building an industrial style build or a simple house. It’s always a good idea to mess around with color combinations before starting your build, so you can make sure the end product won’t have clashing colors.

Template before you build

Once you have your color scheme, you should template your build, and you do this by placing wool in the spot you want to build. Why should you do this? It’s so you can get a feel for the layout of the build and this allows you to be able to make any adjustments to it early on before it becomes a big hassle to recreate a small area. Not to mention it’s also good for you to get a feel for the scale of your minecraft build too! This helps avoid problems down the road of the build being too small or too big.

This method definitely isn’t for everyone though. Some of you might find it easier to not do any templating and just get right down to the building.

Minecraft Buidling Template Example

Experiment, experiment, experiment

In order to get better, you must experiment with different styles and detailing, an example of this would be to build three different windows or three different wall styles and compare them on your build to see which looks best.

You can make small detail edits or make something entirely new, it’s all down to you. The more you experiment, the more creative you’ll get with your builds!

Minecraft Building Experiment Example

Don’t over detail your Minecraft builds

Over detailing buildings is something a lot of new builders will attempt to do, but the truth in that is, it will generally make your build look quite messy and not as good as it could have been. After-all, your main goal is to build something that looks visually pleasing to the eye.

Sometimes super detailed builds work well with what you are aiming for, but the majority of the time, it’s just the case of cutting back on the slabs, stairs and other small stuff. You want to make sure that the build looks good from a distance, if it looks too chaotic from farther away, you more than likely need to cut back on some details. It’s always a good idea to ask your friends for feedback while constructing your magnum opus to help with development in the early stages.

An Example of a Complex Minecraft Build

Learn to use Minecraft building tools

This is probably the most important tip you can get. There are several tools that are designed to help you build more quickly and make things more efficient for yourself. Getting yourself familiar with your tools can be very beneficial to your skills and will allow you to map out anything that may come to mind.

There are tools that are designed to be used on servers (like Spigot) and some are mods that you can download and use locally.

One of the most common tools used for building is WorldEdit (mod version here). WorldEdit is used for a vast amount of building, such as landscaping, creating large surfaces, and plenty more! You can learn to use WorldEdit by reading their official documents or watching videos on YouTube. Another more commonly used tool is VoxelSniper, which is used by terraformers and builders to create amazing landscapes. We also provide more information in the Team Visionary Build Shop section of the website.

There are also more specialised tools, for instance, if you are a terraformer (someone who likes to make mountains and landscapes) you would likely use World Painter and/or World Machine.
Minecraft Mountain Terrain Example

This one is quite basic but is often overlooked. A lot of users who try to build end up putting a lot of detail right from the start, which takes a lot of time and feels like you aren’t progressing very fast in building.

Starting with small Builds

We recommend starting small and simple, then once you have a simple version of your build completed, move onto the detailing aspect, where you will add the intricate detailing to your build. Doing this allows you to get through your builds faster but also helps avoiding over detailing. You should also go easy on yourself by taking 15 minute breaks and get some fresh air to keep the creativity flowing. Take a look at one of the Team Visionary masterpieces, namely the Tropical City Resort Minecraft build. This Minecraft Build is by far one of the most popular builds our team has developed so far.

Why not take a look at the Official Youtube trailer below, from the Official Youtube Channel for Team Visionary

Get out of your comfort zone

Being unorthodox with your designs and layouts can often lead to a new way of building and you’ll be impressed with what you can do. Don’t be afraid to try new patterns or structures. Most importantly, don’t let an idea in your mind stay an idea, try out different techniques to build and see what works best for you. Don’t back down from an idea just because it’s never been done before! With just a little bit of creativity and a sense of uniqueness, you never know what you might end up with!

Get inspired!

All creative geniuses have taken some form of inspiration from their peers and the world, just like them, you can take a look around whether it’s someone else’s Minecraft world or something you’ve seen in the real world, take some of your favorite features and implement those into your own world and make it unique! Be careful not to plagiarize when using other resources for inspiration. This may create big issues for your builds, and may even encourage legal actions against you.

Use a large variety of Minecraft Building Blocks

With the recent updates to the game, many new block types have been added to the game each having different colors and shades. Use these to your advantage and be sure to not hold yourself back by using just a handful of blocks. We recommend choosing blocks by their name and shade value rather than by name and texture. An example of this is using dirt or slime blocks next to regular wood or stone without any regret. Using these different blocks can add vibrancy to your world and can make your landscapes look even more aesthetic and professional.

Being able to use a wide variety of blocks can also add layers of depth and details to your builds and makes it that much more interesting and enjoyable to build!


Learn the latest Minecraft Building Tips and Tricks with Team Visionary today! We encourage you to use your creativity to make one of a kind builds. With the right preparation and a good approach, any build is possible! You can also hire us to create builds! Feel free to contact us here if you have any questions. Happy building!