Happy Monday, October is finally here! Team Visionary welcomes you back, and we hope you have had a relaxing weekend. Start your week off right by finding the best Minecraft addons to enhance your gaming experience! Today, we are covering some of the most recent additions to the Minecraft Marketplace. We will be covering some of the newest, most vibrant and colorful skins. Skin packs are customizable looks that are published by content creators. These looks can help you personalize your general appearance for role play adventures, seasonal festivities, and matching to specific map themes. You can take these looks anywhere that adventure calls. Check out all of these skin packs that will make you stand out from ordinary default looks! 

Malfunction by Pixelusion 

You’re stuck in a glitch, and now, you are able to see through the matrix! Enter into the void in this world of artificial intelligence. The only downside is that breaking through the coding caused a malfunction in the system. This creates a new breed of super-villains that have the power to destroy the entire world and everything you have ever known in the Minecraft realm! In this amazing skin pack filled with unique looks, you can get 32 AI generated skins! Two of these skins are free with a purchase of this pack. With this many looks, you can invite your friends to break the simulated world with you, and defeat all the monsters that try to stop you. This skin pack is made by Pixelusion and Golimane.  
Download Malfunction

Mob Armor by NoXCrew 

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Get these skins, and play amongst the villains of the game. Luckily, NoXCrew gave the mobs a makeover! Don’t worry, you won’t blend in with the other monsters because this makeover is epic! Take over the world as a villain, and defeat other creepers and enderman that try to outshine you! Choose to save the city or destroy the city, and show off your looks as you do. These high-tech skins are enjoyable for any Minecraft adventure! Your dazzling new armor awaits new and exciting quests! 
Download Mob Armor 

Cartoon Skeletons by House of How 

Join the land of the undead this October! These lifeless creatures still bring life to the party with their bright colors. Get your friends to download this skin pack, so you and your boney buddies can roam around and confuse the beings that live within the realm. Rock 15 different spooky looks for this upcoming Halloween! Have you picked out your costume yet? This is a great look to wear to go virtually trick or treating or for other mortifying maps. Learn what living amongst the deceased is like before they go extinct. 
Download Cartoon Skeletons 

Domino! By House of How 

A wonderful  twist to a game we all know and love! Take on the life of a domino piece! When playing with your friends, tell them to get the look as well, so you can all stack each other. Domino is known to be a tile game where each block is divided into two with different numbers on each side, and the numbers are labelled with a dot. Play fun games while stacking with your friends like Mexican train and chicken foot. Get 28 cool skins in this skin pack. 
Download Domino! 

Slime Bots by House of How 

Find your latest drip here with House of How! These looks are oozing with colors from every angle. Roam around the Minecraft world, and make yourself seen even from afar. These slime bots look fresh, and will make you seen out of this world. Find a map that best suits this or play in some where you look insanely out of place! Play with 10 spectacular skins in this excellent pack
Download Slime Bots 

Monster Gang by Blocklab Studios 

Oh no! These monsters are here, and ready to take over just in time for spooky season! The scariest monsters of all the realms are gathering to destroy everything around them! Adventure around as these monsters to confuse the mobs and enderman! See how your friends react when you sneak attack them as a supernatural creature! 
Download Monster Gang 

Derpy Blocks in Pants by Dragnoz

Who said you can’t be derpy and iconic? Dress as the coolest Derpy Block in the realm. Choose from 9 HD block skins, and get one for free. This pack will definitely stand out from ordinary looks with its intricate patterns with interesting colors!  
Download Derpy Blocks in Pants 


All of these skins are a great way of revamping your style! Get a pop of color in your everyday looks with these options. Personalizing your looks helps you gain a better experience when exploring Minecraft realms. Whether you’re playing in the default survival mode or playing with a new map from the marketplace, there are plenty of skins to change up your look for your surroundings. Make sure to come back on Wednesday for our article on skin and map duos where we list duos that have the same underlying theme! 

The Minecraft Marketplace is an amazing place to shop for everything you need. You can find adventure maps, texture packs, survival spawns, skin packs, mash up packs, and mini games! Sift through a seemingly endless amount of options for your next addon! 

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