Happy Friday! Team Visionary hopes you have had an amazing week. To continue the fun, today’s article is for the competitive Minecraft players! This article is for those players who are looking to play against their friends to see who can complete the task at hand the fastest. Rivalry maps are perfect for those that want to find a new, unique way to test their skills. Settle the score with your friends, and invite them to play these challenging maps. Looking for group games? We’ve got you covered with maps that let you split into teams. Use your team working skills to work together to defeat the opposing team. Play from old childhood games reinvented into Minecraft maps, or try out brand new play styles. Both will have you on the edge of your seat to see who will claim victory. Good luck, and may the best player win! 

Cops and Robbers: Alcatraz by Podcrash

Put your hands where I can see them! You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you, so you better play smart! Play this OG game with your friends as a cop or as a robber. See if you can get away without getting caught. This game requires a lot of strategizing and problem solving because you will have to outsmart and outrun the cops. Playing as the cop? You will always have to be one step ahead of the robbers to make sure you can keep the city safe from these lawless freeloaders! Get your blood pumping, and plan your escape route carefully! Will you keep the city safe as a cop, or will you rob the city of its riches with your friends? 
Download Cops and Robbers

Advanced Skywars by Goe-Craft 

Goe-Craft has brought to you a Minecraft version of a speedy Skywars minigame. This action packed game is filled with so much thrilling excitement. Fight to be the last player standing in this rivalry map. Want to play, but your friends won’t come on? This game is available in multi player and single player mode, so you can play without them! The boss is a very smart artificial intelligence, so you will have to get your best fighting skills ready to go. This epic game can be played with up to 8 players, and you can play in 6 different battle arenas. Watch out, the mobs have updated their wardrobe, and now, they look fancy. Locate them before they attack you. You can even build your own Skywars battlefield to enhance your gaming experience. Have all your friends create custom maps, and see who is truly undefeated. 
Download Advanced Skywars 

Laser Tag 2 by Sova Knights 

Start playing this all time favorite game that everyone loves! Laser tag is made for everyone to play, and now, it’s available in Minecraft. This map is a great rivalry game to play against your friends and family. Carefully pick out all your teammates, and choose the red team or blue team. Each team is given their own base, but see if you can infiltrate your opponent’s base for an advantage! Be careful not to get shot on the way there, or else you’ll hand the other team a free win! There are 5 different maps that you can explore, but you can choose to build more to your maps to defend your space. Use your custom laser blasters to shoot your opponents. 
Download Laser Tag 2 

Survival Games Battle Royale by Dodo Studios 

Play survival mode on Bedrock eiht all your friends! This multiplayer game requires at least 2 players although you can invite many more people! When exploring around this map, you can find custom power ups around. With 6 types of power ups, you can use that to your advantage against your opponent. There are different deathmatch timers to choose from in your rivalries. Look around for chests scattered around to collect 1.16 loot. The map will automatically reset after your match is done. See if you can beat your friends in this challenging map!
Download Survival Games Battle Royale 

Firebender by Pathway Studios 

You have just discovered that you were born with a special power. You have the ability to manipulate fire! Master your newly found skill, and use it to defeat your enemies. Let the respected masters teach you how to use your special abilities, and after you’re done with training, hop into the battlefield to see how well you can fight with your fire bending skills. Be careful, fire is a dangerous element, so make sure you master your training before fighting. Enter the mob arena and see how many mobs you can take down! Pathway Studios offers 2 free skins with a purchase of this map. 
Download Firebender 


This is just a short list of some of the best rivalry maps for you and all your friends. Find what maps you play the best in, and master the ones you aren’t that great in. Take the title of the champion by practicing because at the end of the day, practice does make perfect! Find many more options for rivalry maps and more on the Minecraft Marketplace. You can find everything you could ever want in the Minecraft Marketplace if you look hard enough, but some options are adventure maps, survival spawns, skin packs, texture packs, and mash up packs! The marketplace allows you to find different kinds of content to personalize your gaming experience. Anyone can find something they can enjoy even if you’re not a regular gamer! 

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