Happy Wednesday! We welcome you back for today’s article. We hope you’ve been having a great week. If not, hopefully this article will help you lighten your day! Today we are diving into our suggestions on the best of the newest released for survival spawns from the Minecraft Marketplace. Tired of default survival mode? The marketplace allows content creators to make unique downloadable content to enhance your gaming experience. You can find a very wide variety of survival spawns made for several different play styles, so you will definitely find something you love! Survival spawns are maps that create a new atmosphere for you, and you are left with the object to survive your given circumstances. These circumstances can range from easy to difficult depending on what you enjoy most. Some of these come in single player and multiplayer. You can take the solo mission, or invite your friends to use your team working skills to achieve the given goals. See if you can make it through these missions! 

Everything Is Cake by Shapescape

Wait, you’re telling me it’s all cake? 
Yep, always has been. 
In this world, quite literally everything has become made of cake and it is your duty as a hero to go throughout the realm and slice through as much cake as you can! Many people in your world are complaining about being turned into cake and have accidentally ate their homes and furniture. Make the most important decision about whether you will fight and slice the cake or will you eat it all? The imagination in this world is endless, you can go chop down a tree and find Black Forest cake, or break open a rock and find a fudge cake, it is up to you to go and explore! 
Download Everything Is Cake

Elementary School Life by Kreatik Studios 

Summer has just ended, and it’s now time to wake up early and catch the bus to elementary school! This elementary school is unlike any other and is built on a 500×500 custom terrain world and has classrooms of all sorts. Go through the developmental years of elementary school again with this survival spawn. You can decide how you are as a student and whether you’re the type to skip class or to be a bookworm. In this elementary campus, you can find multiple classrooms, football fields, music classes, school buses, and much more to explore! To make sure you don’t break any uniform rules, you will also be given a free school uniform skin.
Not only is this a great survival spawn, but it is also a great multiplayer game for you and your friends to go back to school! Download Elementary School Life

Millionaire Residence by Diveblocks 

Step into the rich and luxurious lifestyle of a young millionaire with this survival spawn. Have the finest items from all over the world and butlers at your side and helicopters to cruise in. In this survival spawn, you can play at a much more casual pace and can simply explore to your heart’s content. The environment throughout this spawn is fit for someone living a millionaire lifestyle. Invite all your friends and make your own millionaire community and spend the rest of your days relaxing on this millionaire residence. Not only can you relax together, but you can also explore what other luxuries this paradise has to offer. This spawn comes with 3 high end helicopters and 14 elegant skins to choose from. Come and find out what true luxury looks like in this survival spawn! 
Download Millionaire Residence

Unicorns by Nitric Concepts

Unicorns have made their way into minecraft! We’re sure these aren’t just regular horses with cones on their head, but real life unicorns! The unicorns are here to teach you their ways and how they use their rainbow powers. Your choice to make will be to find a unicorn to befriend and travel to find the sky wizards who give you magical potions to progress in the game! The unicorns also seem to be gathering in a cloud high in the sky where there is a rumored rainbow castle! If you are able to get your unicorn to this castle, you will be granted full permission to explore! This survival spawn will allow you to befriend up to 16 unique unicorns and build real bonds! You will also be able to raise your own unicorns and can see them grow up in front of your eyes. Come and meet the unicorns now! 
Download Unicorns

Planet of Gorillas by Lifeboat

Seattle has been taken over by genius gorillas who are able to communicate and strategize! They’ve taken over the government and are planning on running the world from now on! It is up to you to save the country from these gorillas and build the resistance force to save humanity. These gorillas are not to be underestimated, they possess higher thinking than normal humans while also having super strength, so you must approach them carefully and strategically. Seattle mobs have broken into 4 unique mobs since the gorillas took over and it is up to you to decide whether you will eliminate them or ask for their assistance. It will also be important to realize not all of these gorillas are bad and there is much to be learnt from gorillas. You can examine exactly how much the gorillas have changed the landscapes in Seattle and see if any aspects have improved to potentially learn. This spawn has 11 challenging quests that will demand the highest level of skills. The game also outfits you with 12 skins to aid you in your quest against the gorillas. Start the revolution of humans now and save the world! 
Download Planet of Gorillas


We hope you enjoyed reading this article just as much as we’ve enjoyed making it for you! This list of handpicked survival spawns are jammed packed with endless amounts of fun. We picked out certain survival spawns for both serious and casual players. These survival spawns offer so many different types that you can find some that you and your friends can enjoy together. 

Check out more downloadable content on the Minecraft Marketplace. Where you can find survival spawns, adventure maps, texture packs, mash up packs, and skin packs. 

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