Happy Monday! Check out all of these exciting mash-up packs that we have selected. Mash-up packs are made for people who want the most bang for their buck! With texture packs, skin packs and maps, mash-up packs have everything you need all in one purchase! These packs are filled with never ending fun with many hidden corners to do and explore. These are great for roleplay adventures because you will have everything to match a theme which allows you to have the most fun that you can have!

Wacky West Mash-up by Team Visionary 

Grab your boots, we’re headed all the way back to the old west on our horses! Hop into this Wacky West world, and join these explorers in this new frontier. Don’t worry, you won’t be the only explorer in this town because the gold rush has attracted many newcomers in hopes to get rich. Only the luckiest will hit big, and strike gold while mining. Will you be amongst the few? Test your luck, and furnish your place to make yourself home during this expedition. With 10 western skins, you will be able to blend right into this town. Assign roles to all your friends to keep this town afloat. The wild wild west is welcoming everyone to join in this western themed town, but if you run into any trouble, take a visit to the sheriff’s office to report any suspicious activities. We are also welcoming 2 new breeds of animals. Ride the carriage through the old town to explore every corner of your new home. Farm to make more resources from your crops all year long. Hangout at the saloon with all your friends, and watch out for the cactus! This western resource pack is made for 1.16! 
Download Wacky West Mashup

The Ultimate City Mash-up by Minetite 

Tired of seeing the same old builds, and want to switch up to something more modern and urban? Then, the Ultimate City Mash-up pack is perfectly made for you. City life is famous for bustling with citizens and having breathtaking architecture and its technological advancements. In this massive 2000×2000 city, you can find over 1000 locations to explore with your friends, and make the best memories. Get creative by naming your own city, and even role play with your friends. Be sure to choose a good candidate  to be the trusted and respected mayor of this city! Not only does this mashup have a nearly endless amount of locations to visit, but there are also over 50 types of cars, boats, and even helicopters! You can completely reinvent yourself, and be whoever you want to be in this city of your own. The vast city life awaits you while giving you a fresh new life! 
Download The Ultimate City Mash-up

Toys Mash-up by Team Visionary 

Am I dreaming? Something weird has happened, and now, all the toys have come to life! Just like in the movies, these toys are built to be exactly like humans. They all have lives of their own now, and are inviting you to join them in their epic, unforgettable adventures. Go on the wildest quests with these majestic toys in their first freeing experiences as breathing creatures. This mash-up pack has everything you could wish for in a pack! With 10 skins, you and all your friends can hop into this realm of endless fun. Ride around in 15 different vehicles to explore this new town. See if you can spot all 16 toy animals while you roam around, and use the helicopters to fly to different parts of this modern city map. Play with up to 31 toys, and build any features you would like to see with the texture pack made for 1.16! 
Download Toys Mash-up 

Sky Upgrade Mash-up by Mythicus

This massive island has suddenly been lifted high up into the sky! It’s your duty as the island’s famous hero to help out your fellow villagers by rebuilding their homes and teaching them how to adapt to living in the sky. As the island was lifted into the sky, it has broken into 40 parts and is spread all throughout the sky. Climb aboard your own personal dragon, and soar through the skies to explore each part of the island. Not only are there dragons on this island, but over 50 new monsters that you will have to eventually battle, as well as many other types of flying creatures that will help you along the way! This mash-up pack comes chock full of gameplay with over 150 hours to keep you entertained for the foreseeable future. Come and see the most exhilarating traditional styled homes and buildings that are sure to inspire your own builds. To help you adjust to this new aerial lifestyle, this mashup pack comes with 30 sky themed skins. To make this deal even better, Mythicus is offering 2 free skins! Come and see for yourself what the sky has to offer! Dont forget to check out our free Minecraft building tips resources, full of useful information.

Download Sky Upgrade Mash-up 

Deep Sea Mash-up by Cyclone

Don’t forget to grab your scuba gear because we’re taking a deep dive into the big, blue ocean. You’re sure to be amazed by what you’ll find while you’re adventuring the deep sea. You can find ancient civilizations as well as modern and innovative civilizations that have adapted to the harsh conditions of the ocean floor. There are also an abundant amount of new and beautiful sea creatures that you can choose to either befriend or hunt. Dress yourself with 10 unique ocean themed skins with either scuba gear or even become a water breather! If you’re lucky, you may even find the treasure hidden somewhere deep in the bottom of the ocean! 
Download Deep Sea Mash-up


Take a close look at all of our Mash-up packs that come with the most downloadable content made to fit your every need. Fully submerge yourself into these worlds, and bring your imagination to life. These mash-up packs come with texture packs, so you can create any additional builds to your adventures. Play, explore, and battle through these phenomenal packs. All of these striking packs are jam packed with content to enhance your storyline roleplays to keep you busy for days. 
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