It’s survival of the fittest, are you able to make it through these challenging maps? Put yourself to the test in these action-packed survival spawns. 

Random Rain by Cubed Creations 

Better check the weather before you leave the house!  In this map, you will have to face some horrendous weather in this Asian inspired themed build. A big monsoon is headed your way, and it drops items every 30 seconds. It is raining mobs and creepers, but you can test your luck with this survival spawn by checking the lucky blocks that also fall from the sky. Keep an eye out for all the dangerous TNT that may fall onto you and stunt your survival skills. Utilize your skills to unlock the lucky blocks to gain items in order to help you survive even long while dodging all these obstacles and enemies. See if you are capable enough to take on all 10 types of rain. Don’t forget your umbrella!
Download Random Rain

Survival Boat by Inpixel 

What do you mean we’re lost?! On an ISLAND? More like stuck in paradise if you ask me. Luckily, you have found an island in the middle of this endless ocean although you managed to crash the boat. You will have to strategically use all the resources left on the boat you used to get to this lonely island. You will forever be stranded here, so you better make yourself at home. Find a way to use your resources efficiently, like farming. See how long you can survive this map. Inpixel also provides 2 free skins in this map. 
Download Survival Boat 

Noob Pro Hacker Schools by In Mine 

In this Minecraft world, you can pick between 3 different schools to determine what skills you have. Start your adventure as a Noob, and make your way up to becoming a pro. If you can live up to the challenge, make your way to the prestigious hacker school. Each school is designed differently, both structurally and architecturally, but they will all teach you important lessons in order to help you improve your skills. WIthin each school, you will start out being a student, but you can rank your way up to become a director, a position made only for the best of the best. You can invite your friends to attend your school and role play. This map is ideal to just hang out in the halls and have fun. See which of your friends will accelerate the fastest. This survival spawn comes with 3 free skins to suit each type of school’s uniforms! Start your journey to become the ultimate hacker now! 
Download Noob Pro Hacker Schools 

Turtle Base by Cubecraft Games 

This survival spawn places you on a massive turtle shaped underwater base. In this turtle base, you will be challenged to make your way through the various dungeons with foes and puzzles to conquer, but if you are able to make your way through all of the dungeons, you will be treated and rewarded like a true champion! This turtle base is unlike any other base. It is split up into 7 unique biomes and your environment will change entirely as you make your way through the dungeons. With the latest updates to this survival spawn, the turtle species have expanded and there are 5 new turtles that can be found throughout the base! 
Download Turtle Base 

Extreme Survival: Raft by Razzleberries 

You are stranded at sea! All you have is a small wooden raft and a toolbox, and it is up to you to find a way to survive. You can row this tiny raft all along the ocean and explore the many islands hidden in the ocean! You are able to fully control this raft, although you may have to navigate your way through fierce storms and rocky paths. On these islands that you can visit, there is treasure and tools hidden deep in the forests and in the sand as well as inside caves that will help your chances of survival. But beware, you never know what you may run into while looking for these treasures! And always remember, don’t drink any of the ocean water! 
Download Extreme Survival: Raft

The Aircraft Carrier by Blocklab Studios

Did you know the average Aircraft Carrier can hold 74 aircrafts? Come and see one of these gigantic carriers yourself with this survival spawn! Aboard this aircraft carrier, you can see all types of fighter jets and helicopters that are used in real life. Along with all the various types of aircraft, you can also see what the workers do on the carrier and see what kind of cargo boxes and forklifts they use on a daily basis. This survival spawn is bound to amaze you with the seemingly endless size of the carrier! 
Download The Aircraft Carrier 

Wizard World by Pixelbiester 

Have you ever wished you could receive a letter from an owl on your 11th birthday saying that you’re a wizard? You don’t have to wish anymore now that Wizard World by Pixelbiester is here! They have done a great job at emulating the wizarding world with a mystical forest, a giant endless maze, a murky swamp ridden with several monsters and treasures, and the best part is the grand castle where the sorting hat will pick your house. If you’re lucky you may even see a dragon or a giant. Within this survival spawn, you can explore places never seen before and build giant wizarding landmarks that will stay for centuries to come. This survival spawn also comes with 6 skins to make sure your wizard robes and cloaks are always fresh! Rise up in the ranks of the wizarding world and become the headmaster! 
Download Wizard World 

Super Yacht by Nitric Concept 

It’s the best time of the year, vacation time! Nitric Concept has designed an ultra luxurious Superyacht with all the amenities you could possibly think of. Only the most elite people can come onto this superyacht and enjoy the most laid back and relaxing time. Aboard the superyacht you may meet all types of elite members of society and possibly find out that some of them come onto the superyacht to hide their diamonds since the yacht is so big. This superyacht not only has a main yacht, but there is also a smaller yacht that is meant for personal use and on these smaller yachts are jet skis that can be used to travel to remote islands! Come aboard the Superyacht and be ready to live your best life! 
Download Super Yacht 


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