Happy Friday! We hope you have had a fantastic week so far. As the week is coming to an end, get ready to wind down and play some thrilling games. I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving Break, but it was much needed! Spend some quality time playing Minecraft games whether it is a survival spawn, mini game, or an adventure map. Find a game style that you enjoy playing, and take a look around the diverse content on the Minecraft Marketplace. Today, we are going over some of the newest releases, so you can dip your feet into the water with brand new content. These newly released items have such a wide range, so you can even find something your friends and family can enjoy as well. From skins to maps, the Marketplace has everything you could possibly need for all your gaming pleasures. 


Hidden Falls by Blocklab Studios

Step into the beautiful world of Hidden Falls. In this quiet village, you are going to be completely surrounded by waterfalls that have a deep-rooted history. Feel the fresh breeze running through your hair in this breathtaking realm. You can be spontaneous and explore through this culturally enriched land that’s hidden inside of a waterfall. Start your adventure today to see what fun lays ahead of you. There are plenty of very unique locations that you can discover while you are wandering around. You will be very well stocked with everything that you will need in order to survive. Blocklab Studiosmhas even included free skins for you to fully immerse yourself in the world. There are a total of 6 skins that you can wear that have an explorer theme to it. If you invite your friends to play with you, you can even have some adventure roleplay opportunities! 

Download Hidden Falls 


Supersized Skygrid by Blocklab Studios 

Take a look at this gigantic Skygrid! It is similar to regular Skygrid although much bigger in scale. See if you have what it takes to collect all the supplies you need to survive through the trip to the Ender Dragon. There, you will need to defeat the Ender Dragon, so you will be required to use your best parkour and fighting skills. Pass through an array of supersized blocks. Every block is very accurate and has been upscaled to a 16:1 ratio. You can see over 100 blocks that you can hop on. 

Download Supersized Skygrid


Demon Teens by Waypoint Studios 

Throw on your horns because we are not up to any good! Become a demon teen, and start your evil conquering adventures today! In this skin pack, you can take on the role of a cute but dark teen. There are over 12 cool skins in this pack. 

Download Demon Teens 


Olympic Sports Teens by Waypoint Studios 

Compete with your friends by going head to head in the Minecraft Olympics. Olympic Sports Teens is a skin pack that comes with a wide range of sporty looks. From skiing to tennis, you can dress like a pro athlete while you are showing off your skills. There are options for team sports as well for soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Secure the first place gold medal while looking the part. There are a total of 22 realistic sport skins for you and your friends to pick from. 

Download Olympic Sports Teens


Missing Textures by Dig Down Studios

This pack comes with 9 skins included with your purchase of this mysterious item. Uncover what surprises Dig Down Studios has for you in this pack!

Download Missing Textures 


Teen Drama Academy by Waypoint Studios 

You will have to wear the trendiest clothes to be a dramatic teen from the academy. Come make a scene with your friends out of boredom and have some fun while doing so. There are a total of 13 skins in this pack with 1 free skin added. 

Download Teen Drama Academy 



From skins to maps, you can truly find everything you need to enhance your gaming experience in the Minecraft world. Don’t play the regular ole default mode, and start checking out new custom addons. Skins can help you find a fun way to personalize your appearance. Whether it is your everyday look or an adventure specific skin, who doesn’t love a wardrobe expansion? Textures can help you and inspire you to make one of a kind builds with new block patterns. See what you can create with a custom pack. Maps are magnificent for changing up your environment and sometimes even your goals and objectives while you explore breathtaking views. The Minecraft Marketplace is jam-packed with seemingly endless amounts of amazing content. You will be able to search through categories such as new releases, most popular, skin packs, texture packs, mash up packs, mini games, adventure maps, and survival spawns.


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