Welcome back and happy Friday! Today, we have a new article for you about good adventure maps on the Minecraft Marketplace. Check out all of these thrilling maps that are fun to play. All of these builds are creative, and will make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Adventure maps are made for people looking for a brand new scenery in their adventures, but these maps also come with quests and goals for you to achieve. Some are easier to achieve while others are not as easy. Play these builds, and see if you have what it takes to complete these missions. 

Escape From Vladra by Impress

Oh no! The forest is under attack! Grab all the supplies you can, and get ready to survive this exciting experience. This escape game is meant for strategizing to achieve your goals. Use your time management skills to collect resources, and take down Vladra. It is on you to put a halt to the intimidating devil that has infiltrated the entire world! Be quick to save the realm before they do too much damage. Make sure to look around while defeating these horrifying creatures for treasures hidden around the land. In these treasures, you can find useful weapons and armor that can be used to protect yourself. Take some time out to go treasuring hunting, trust me, it’ll be worth it! Don’t want to take on the challenge solo? Invite all of your friends, and work together to slay the devils. Bring up to 5 friends into this map, and see if you guys can save the city of Visalia from Vladra. In this player vs entity game, your friends will be on your side with a common goal in mind. 
Download Escape From Vladra 

The Guardians by Pixelusion 

Someone has a vendetta, and decided to strike a curse on the island of Hydrios. Find the passage under the mountain, and open it to locate the guardians. It is your job to take down all three of these vicious guardians. The world is relying on you to save it and all the beings on it. Find all of the monsters and take them down before they hurt civilians, and track all the bosses down. Defeat these boss fights in order to earn some loot. This adventure map is epic and full of life. On your path, you will run into several side quests. These quests will lead to you finding secret weapons that will leave you well equipped to lift this curse. Play with your friends to save the world from this evil. 
Download The Guardians 

School Tycoon! By Doctor Benx

The bell just rang. Let’s walk to 5th period together! In this unique map, you have all the grounds to bring your fun classroom role play into life. You are the owner of this school, and it is your job to keep upgrading the schools machines. You can walk around, and check in on classes to see what they’re up to. Pro tip, if you invest your money, you can earn even more at the end of te day! There are over 10 options for advanced technical machinery. Doctor Benx offers 18 skins for you to dress the part, and provides more than thirty five machinery upgrades to keep the school in tip top shape! 
Download School Tycoon! 

Emoji Blocks by House of How 

Dive into a world full of your favorite emojis brought to life. This pack has a beautiful, massive world. You will find 45 new blocks to play with. Choose if you want to relax while exploring this world, or bring it up a notch. Play in survival mode to see if you are ready. This purchase comes with 14 skins to blend in as emojis although they are only available to play within the Emoji Blocks map. Express your emotions, and customize your looks! 
Download Emoji Block 

Dragon’s Lair by Waypoint Studios 

You’ve come far on your explorations, and you have run into the land only heard of in myths! This dragon lair holds many magnificent secrets that have yet to be discovered. Surrounded by massive bodies of water, you really are the first and only human to set foot here. In the myths, it is rumored that the Dragon’s Lair is packed with many hidden treasures for you to discover. Gather as many supplies as possible, and survive with your resources while you find loot. Be quick to discover the mysterious dragon egg, and if you’re brave enough, tame the dragons that cross your path. You will be unstoppable with a fire spitting beast on your side! Make travel so much easier while riding your dragon around this majestic land. 
Download Dragon’s Lair 


We know you will enjoy these adventure maps just as much as we have! See what fun you can unbox on your quests whether you’re saving the world from evil or finding piano notes. With such a wide variety of options, there is something for everyone. Find something you and your friends can enjoy together, and even discover some you prefer to play alone as a solo mission. The goals in these maps range from very easy to extremely difficult, so see what kind of adventure you want to bring into your week. Don’t forget to come back next week, and see what more hand-picked list of downloadable content we have curated just for you. 

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