Happy Wednesday! This Wednesday, we have a brand new article just for you! Check out this list of exciting survival maps. Test your survival abilities under all different circumstances. Watch yourself master all of these creative obstacles this autumn season. As the leaves fall, stay inside for some warmth, and play all of these fun games with your friends. You can also challenge yourself to play alone to see if you can handle these survival modes. Be careful, these games are only made for the bravest players in the realm. Survival Spawns creates a unique gaming experience for you by giving you a backstory and an objective. With many different types of survival spawns, you can find many fun downloadable content for everyone to enjoy. 

Crashed by Fall Studios 

Quick! Wake up, our plane crashed on a strange island! In this survival conquest, you will wake up alone on a stranded plane with no resources. You will have to collect food and supplies in order to survive. Use your farming skills to create an ongoing food source for your time on this island. When exploring this map, see if you truly are the only survivor, or if your fellow survivors morphed into mobs! Book your flight with your friends, so you can work as a team to overcome this tragic accident. Fall Studios has created this survival spawn to be single player or multiplayer. Challenge your friends to see how long you can stay alive. 
Download Crashed 

Shelved Biomes by Pixelusion 

Pixelusion has crafted a very satisfying map just for you. In this build, Pixelusion has organized 6 mini biomes all into a set of giant drawers. Each drawer is a different biome specifically bringing out the best parts of its environment. You will be assigned objectives as you play. See if you’re able to finish all the challenges, and invite your friends to share the fun! While reaching your goals, see all of the animals made specific to their locations! Defeat any undead monsters lingering around hidden corners. 
Download Shelved Biomes

Mythical Animals by Stone Masons 

Get lost in paradise with one of a kind creatures. You will be born onto an island far, far away where mythical animals exist! Bring all your fantasies to life in this elegant map. These animals are rare and enriched with beauty. If you have the patience, you can take some time to tame some of these animals, and welcome it into your home. Find up to 22 different animals while you roam around this land. Battle 20 kinds of mob breeds with your pet. Mobs aren’t the only enemies that you will find on your destined path! You will have to slay over 10,000 troll variations to claim the honor of being this realm’s hero. Stone Masons includes 2 player skins for free with a purchase of this survival spawn. 
Download Mythical Animals 

Campsite by Cubecraft Games 

Test your outdoor survival instincts in this realistic experience. In this map, you will have to camp in the wild, and survive everything that comes your way. You will have to ide out in the shelter when elements and obstacles come your way. Search around for supplies, and try your best to survive these conditions. In this woodland survival games, you will be able to collect loot and tame your very own horse. This will help you start off on a good foot. Explore these custom dungeons, and defeat the bosses. 
Download Campsite 

Community Hub by Dig Down Studios 

No matter how far you stray with your adventures, it’s always good to come back to home. Welcome to your forever home filled with endless amounts of fun! This massive castle has plenty of space for you and all of your friends. You can create your own community, and build this town’s population. Use the railway system to easily get around the world. Explore these new lands through the roads with your vehicle, and use the docks to venture the big sea! Make yourself at home by customizing the sign. Move in all of your friends with over 100 rooms. In this map, there are 2 skins provided to help you blend into the community! 
Download Community Hub 

Ancient Dungeons by Impress

Travel back to ancient times, and take a look at these breath-taking statues. Explore the dungeons and giant beast statues for hidden treasures for you to discover. There is a marvelous town around this area. FInd all that surrounds the dungeons, and see if you’re fit enough to survive through these trivial battles. You can explore every statue ,and find a dungeon inside with a boss. If you complete these battles, you will be able to collect some treasure for your bravery. This treasure includes rare equipment inside of them. There are plenty of enemy locations, so keep an eye out! 
Download Ancient Dungeons 


Team Visionary wishes you a great rest of your day. Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s article. Survival spawns have such a wide variation of options, so you can find one well-suited for you! Your gaming experience can be greatly enhanced when downloading new maps for your adventures. Settle the score with your friends on unique missions to see who the best player is. See if you’re up for the challenge because it’s survival of the fittest! 

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