Happy Wednesday! Team Visionary hopes you have had a wonderful week so far. As we kick off the first week of February, make sure to keep an eye out for all the thrilling content that is available in the Minecraft Marketplace. Minecraft is a game that allows you to let your creativity flow to bring the best ideas to life, and that is what makes every product in the Marketplace special. Community creators work hard to build custom maps, skins, resource packs, and more, so you will never run out of things to do in the Minecraft world. With so many different creators, there comes a wide variety of themes. Adventure maps come in all shapes and sizes all wit their unique objectives and goals assigned to you. Check out all of these Top Minecraft Adventure Maps of February 2021, and Happy Black History Month! 


Locked in Nether by Rareloot

No one has touched foot inside of the abandoned mansion in a very long time. Will you be the first to explore all the hidden treasures and uncover all the secrets left behind? Claim all the valuables that remain behind, but keep an eye out for mobs that might wander around the land. Be prepared to face battles in any corner, so that you can survive with your treasure. You will need to use your best puzzle solving skills to complete certain tasks to escape the mansion. This map is a massive escape room experience that requires you to solve riddles as well. Good luck! 

Download Locked in Nether 


Ultimate Dragons by Gamemode One

Dragons are dangerous beasts, but if you are capable of taming them, you can conquer the world! You can travel fast around the world, and your dragon will help you accomplish your quests. You never know what you’ll find when you wander around this open world, so prepare yourself to fight some legendary bosses. Who knows what prizes you may earn from taking down dangerous beasts. Discover different breeds of dragons as you go through this map. Rule the world with such a powerful creature as your companion. The dragons can burn, poison, and freeze as attacks that you can use to take down monsters. See if you have what it takes to collect all the different breeds of this amazing animal. Make sure that you are well equipped when you go into battle by using 3D weapons and gear for on foot battles. 

Download Ultimate Dragons 


Lucky Blocks Volcano Island by Ready, Set, Block

Play the iconic Luck Blocks but in a volcano! This volcano bursts out several blocks, so you can test your luck to see if you can find some epic loot. This game is available in single player mode and multiplayer mode. Invite your friends to make your gameplay more exciting and chaotic! There are 5 types of lucky blocks that you can find around this massive map. 

Download Lucky Blocks Volcano Island 


Egyptian Furniture by House of How

Explore through the great pyramids of Ancient Egypt, and uncover the tombs of legendary leaders. All of these pieces of furniture come with detailed models and textures. This map is also great for roleplaying with your friends, and take on the role of a pharaoh. House of How provides 45 HD models and 720 textures. You can get into character by using 4 different skins that come in this pack for FREE. 

Download Egyptian Furniture 


Dome Disaster by FTB

You have been assigned to save humankind. This role is only given to the bravest players, so it is up to you to keep egg samples safe from another big meteor wave coming down. Use your best parkour skills in this adventure map filled with puzzles and action. Decide if you want this mission to be Countdown Clock or Speedrun Timer modes.  

Download Dome Disaster 



We know you will love expanding your taste with these adventure maps just as much as we do. Adventure maps are a great way to enter a new environment with a custom map. These maps will come with their own theme based objectives and goals, so test the waters and see what you might enjoy playing. Finding your favorite gameplay style can help you gain a better understanding of what kind of games to invest in. Trying out new maps can also make for an epic adventure roleplay map for you and your friends to play. Don’t forget to try on some skins with a matching theme to fully immerse yourself into the map. Complete your missions with ease or difficulty depending on the map and the theme, and bring your friends along. Some maps will provide only single player mode whereas some will offer multiplayer mode. If you haven’t found a map that excites you, you should consider creating your own paradise with your crafting skills. With the right resource pack, you can make any dream come true. 


Are you looking for the best resource pack to invest in? Check out some of our favorite picks in our article, 20 Best Minecraft Resource Packs of All Time for 2021. Don’t feel like building it yourself? Just hire us to build it for you! You can take a look at our portfolio to see some of our previous builds. 


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