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The team have put together a list of the 20 Rarest Things in Minecraft in 2024. Minecraft is a lot of things to a lot of people: for some, it’s a fun and casual pastime; for some, it’s a career and full-time job. Some players live for the adrenaline rush of competing against other players in heated, bloody battles. Others might spend their Minecraft days tilling away at wheat fields, and their nights huddled in cozy little farmhouses. 

However — and every single game in the world has these players — there are some number – savvy, statistic – crunching folk out there who have made it their life’s mission to find each and every single easter egg and hidden secret that the game has to offer. 

From naturally – occurring in – game phenomena that might just have such a low, low chance of occurring that they might only happen once among a billion players, to stuff that can only be found in the game’s code, to hypothetical situations that may have yet to happen in all of the collective years of playtime that the Minecraft playerbase has put into the game… this article is sure to have ‘em all!

Please note that the rarity of the biomes below are calculated based on the amount of blocks of that biome that you’ll be able to find in the world — i.e. the coverage of the biome. This way, biomes with less blocks will take up a lesser percentage of coverage in your world, making them rarer to find! Though there are certainly other ways of calculating biome rarity, we felt that this would be the most objective and accurate way of doing so.

So, without further ado, let’s get into things! Remember that these are the statistically rarest situations, phenomena, biome spawns and mob spawns in the entire game, so if you’ve encountered one or more of these, consider yourself a true Minecrafter through and through — or just really really lucky! And if you’ve encountered more than half… wow! Well, it may be time to look into getting a lottery ticket, or something of the like. Let’s get started! 

Brown Mooshroom

Brown Mooshrooms - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

To start us off on the list is an adorable little creature that might look familiar to most Minecraft players… but a little different! The Brown Mooshroom looks almost exactly like its close counterpart and cousin, the Red Mooshroom (or just regular Mooshroom, really). The Mooshroom is in turn a creature that looks very, very similar to the regular old cow that you might be able to find grazing in Plains and Forest Biomes. However, the Mooshroom is different in that it has two little mushrooms sprouting out of their back. On that note, Mooshrooms can also be sheared for these mushrooms (which will turn them back into normal cows) or milked for some mushroom stew while holding a bowl! 

Well, while we all know the Red Mooshroom, very very few may have seen the Brown Mooshroom — I’ve been playing Minecraft for almost a decade now and I certainly haven’t seen one naturally… The Brown Mooshroom has a 0.097% chance to spawn from mating two Red Mooshroom Cows making it one rare mob to find. Put all that into consideration with the fact that the Mushroom biome is one of the rarest ones to naturally spawn in the game in vanilla Minecraft, and it really puts into perspective exactly how rare it is to see one of these pesky little fellows. Luckily, however, if you’re really determined to find one of these Brown Mooshrooms and you can’t rest easy till you find one, there are a few “cheaty” ways for you to do so. 

You’ll need to get your hands on a Red Mooshroom, and… well, get it struck by lightning, unfortunately. You can either push it into a storm and pray, or use a trident enchanted with channeling, which will act like a lightning rod and channel the lightning into your target much easier. We recommend the latter option.

Skeleton Wearing a Full Set of Diamond Armor

Top 5 most rare incidents in Minecraft

Mobs as they are can be really really tough as they are, especially for a new player who’s just spawned into the world. Even as a veteran player, even if you’ve vanquished countless monsters in the night or even grind them up for fun on servers, it’s still easy to get caught up in a surprise creeper explosion that might devastate your base and health bar. Plus, getting caught outside on your first game night when you’ve got nothing but your fists to defend yourself with can be lethal no matter your experience level with Minecraft

To this day, for example, fighting a skeleton while in water is still one of the most frustrating things in the Minecraft world — that knockback could keep you from wading back to the shore for so long that you might be long dead before hitting dry land. Now, imagine fighting these horrors of the night… but they’re clad in full diamond armor. What a nightmare! You might be horrified to know that monsters spawning with full sets of diamond armor is completely within the realm of possibility in Minecraft. However, you might also be a little relieved to know that spawning while wearing a full set of diamond armor has only a 0.04% chance of occurring in a regular vanilla Minecraft world. This probability is the same for other mobs as well, though of course taking into account their natural spawn rates as well.

That being said, it’s quite likely to find mobs wearing gold, chain or iron armor. However, you almost never meet any wearing diamond armor, and for good reason — imagine fighting a zombie horde with all that armor… yikes! Thank goodness for the relatively low chance of it spawning, which ensures that you’ll probably never meet a mob wearing full diamond armor in an average vanilla Minecraft playthrough. However, believe it or not, this isn’t even the most deadly version of monsters that have a low spawn rate — keep reading down the list to learn more about the terrifying left – handed chicken jockey!

Modified Jungle Biome

The rarest biome Modified Jungle Edge near spawn. Pretty nice place ! Seed : -4117632641796047328. Location : -400 +450. More seeds with Modified Jungle Edge near spawn in comments.: minecraftseeds

Let’s take a small break from talking about monsters and mayhem, and talk about some rare biomes! These biomes have varying degrees of rarity (remember how we talked about percentile coverage in the introductory section of this article?), but are all rare enough that you might consider yourself extremely lucky to encounter them during your average playthrough, if you’re not specifically looking for any of them.

Starting off, we have the modified jungle biome! This biome has a 0.014% world coverage in your minecraft world. The modified jungle biome may resemble the normal jungle and jungle hill biomes, but actually differ quite a bit. While the normal one is mainly flat with very few small hills and the hill version of the jungle biome has quite a bit of bigger hills, the modified jungle biome takes the hills and turns them into mountains. Much like its regular jungle counterparts, ocelots, parrots, and pandas may spawn in this biome, but unlike regular jungles, jungle pyramids do not generate here — unfortunately, for all you dungeon spelunkers out there. You’ll need to find a regular jungle to loot!

Giant Spruce Taiga Hills Biome

Minecraft mega taiga seed 1.8.4 by the sea - Minecraft seeds wiki

The next biome on our list is the Giant Spruce Taiga Hills biome. You can expect this biome to cover only about 0.012% of your world, and it consists of rolling hills and beautiful mountains that are covered in a sheet of white snow, and dotted with tons of tall spruce trees. The ground will mostly be made of coarse dirt and podzol. This combination of biomes is what makes it rare, but it doesn’t really offer much difference from a regular spruce taiga, other than a fantastic view to build your base at the top of! 

Mushroom Fields Biome

Found a completely landlocked Mushroom "Island": Minecraft

This biome makes this list at an incredibly small 0.011% world coverage for you to find in your vanilla Minecraft survival world. This rare lush biome is the rarest non-variant biome in the game. Having both flat lands and hills, all of which are covered in mycelium and mushroom trees instead of the normal grass blocks and oak trees. 

You’ll only be able to find this biome amidst an ocean biome, and more than likely, it’ll be an island surrounded all around by ocean. The good news however is that once you’ve found one, more are soon to follow! These biomes commonly spawn near each other, resulting sometimes in separate mushroom biomes only hundreds of blocks apart. This is the only biome you can find naturally spawning mooshrooms (so you can maybe strike them with lighting, as detailed in an earlier part of this article). And, it’s also one of the only three biomes to find naturally spawning mushroom trees and large mushrooms!

Giant Spruce Taiga Biome

Minecraft mega taiga seed 1.8.4 by the sea - Minecraft seeds wiki

Giant Spruce Taiga Biome has a 0.011% world coverage. This biome is very similar to the Giant Tree Taiga Biome.  Unlike the hilly counterpart that we covered in an earlier section of the article, this biome is generally more flat. Similarly, however, it’s also generally covered in tall spruce trees growing on sprawling patches of coarse dirt and podzol. 

One difference worth noting is that in the Giant Spruce Taiga Biome, the trees spawn in with more leaves on them. Yup, that’s about it — fluffier trees. Still, with such a low percentile chance of finding this biome, it’s still a pretty cool thing to take note of and check off of your bucket list!

Bamboo Jungle Hills Biome

The Bamboo Jungle Hills Biome covers about 0.009% of your minecraft world. When you do find this biome, you can expect to see a jungle hills biome but with a bit of a twist. Hundreds and thousands of bamboo stalks blanket the area, taking the place of any flora, fauna, grass and foliage. 

Curiously enough, you’ll also find podzol under and around the naturally generated trees, which are all the large variation versions of the trees themselves. In this biome, jungle temples can in fact spawn here, but surprisingly, pandas can not! However, this is because the biome will be spawning naturally spawning jungle mobs, rather than cute and cuddly panda bears, unfortunately. Why not learn how to make a Minecraft Skin with our dedicated tutorial.

Baby Pink Sheep

My little brother (8 y/o) found his first pink sheep, but a baby one!: Minecraft

The baby pink sheep is something that quite a few, if not most, people have never seen naturally spawned. This is because the chance of one spawning is about 0.0082%, meaning it’s incredibly, incredibly rare. To put that into perspective, the next rarest naturally spawning baby sheep is the baby brown sheep coming in at a 0.15% chance. 

To clarify, when we say naturally spawning, we mean quite literally naturally spawning into your world without any sort of player actions. Dying a sheep, or the sheep’s parents, of course, will alter the state of the baby sheep and isn’t something we’re considering when we crunched out that percentile chance. You can dye a baby sheep pink with pink dye at any time, after all! 

Eroded Badlands Biome

Eroded Badlands, Swamp and Coral Reef Minecraft Seed - Minecraft Seed HQ

The eroded badlands biome is super duper rare biome that will cover only 0.0081% of your vanilla Minecraft world. This biome is different from the normal badlands biome in that it is known for its massive and colorfilled spikes looming in the sky. 

Each spike consists of layers and layers of colored terracotta, making it a breathtaking sight that’s worth seeing at least once during your time playing Minecraft. Other than the terracotta spikes, the biome is filled with red sand, dead bushes, and cacti, giving it an arid badlands sort of atmosphere.

Mushroom Fields Shore Biome

Mushroom Island with Migrating Mooshrooms - Minecraft Seed HQ

This biome is very rarer than the normal Mushroom Fields Biome. This is because this makes up the land that’s connected to the ocean or any rivers that run through the island. About 0.0079% of the world is this biome and that’s because the islands themselves cover very little of the world as it is. However, there is one more factor which makes this biome even rarer! If the island is connected directly to a deep ocean, then instead of having a Mushroom Fields Shore Biome connected to the ocean, there will simply not be one at all — it won’t spawn.

Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau Biome

Amplified Wooded Badlands Plateau. Was expecting this for the Badlands update but rip: Minecraft

Coming in at a mind bogglingly rare 0.0041% map coverage, the Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau Biome will be very hard for the average Minecraft player to find. This biome is very similar to the Modified Badlands Plateau, but instead has a more weathered appearance. It’s made of smaller plateaus and it has quite a bit fewer oak trees that grow on top of the plateaus, when compared to other similar biomes. You can expect to find the same mob spawning chances that you would in the normal badlands.

Swamp Hut 

Swampy Minecraft World Seed with Witch, Swamp Hut, Pillagers and more! [1.14+] - Minecraft Seed HQ

Though this one is rare in theory, I daresay that quite a few players have come across one of these during their adventures in vanilla Minecraft. A Swamp Hut spawns rarely in the Swamp biome. It is a small building made above the ground out of oak logs and spruce planks. Inside the hut is an empty cauldron, a crafting table, and a flower pot with a red mushroom in it. Each building itself has a chance to spawn witches and black cats, but only one of each. Even though the cat is technically the witch’s familiar, it’s actually a stray in terms of game mechanics and can be tamed by the player via regular means.

The Swamp Hut has a 0.00297% chance to spawn, which seems really really low, but when you consider that it’s calculated per chunk, and how relatively common Swamps are compared to some biomes on this list, it’s understandable that the swamp hut isn’t quite as elusive as some of the other items on this list. 


Stronghold in Minecraft : Everything players need to know

The Stronghold is another “cheaty” rare entry, but it’s backed by math! You can expect to find this end game structure at a 0.00181 chance per chunk. Again, an incredibly low chance, but because it’s calculated per chunk, it’s not too bad to find. 

Of course, we also have to take into account that these are guaranteed in worlds and also that there is an in-game mechanic that helps you find them. We’re referring, of course, to the fact that using an Eye of Ender (although quite an expensive mid-game recipe) will bring you to a stronghold automatically once you’ve used enough. 

Modified Badlands Plateau Biome 

Spawn within 200 blocks of a Modified Badlands Plateau, the 2nd rarest biome in the game.: minecraftseeds

The Modified Badlands Plateau Biome is the second rarest biome in the game. It is so rare that it only makes up about 0.0018% of a minecraft world. It has large plateaus that look more weather than it does in other biomes. Instead of a Desert border, this biome instead has a Eroded Badlands which replaces that. Not only that, but there is also a chance for it to contain a modified wooded badlands plateaus surrounding it at the center. This biome does keep all the same mob spawns and spawn chances at the normal badlands.

To experience this wonderful biome you can play on the seed 15913680, which spawns you in the middle of the Modified Badlands Plateau Biome.

Zombie Village 

The NEW Zombie Villages in Minecraft 1.14! - YouTube

A Zombie Village is a type of village that can spawn instead of a normal one. This kind of village is filled with zombie villagers instead of normal villagers. This village is meant to depict a village that was attacked by zombies, which, in the end, lost the fight. All doors are removed from the houses and you will not be able to find any light sources at all. Just looking at the village, you can really tell that it looks very decrepit and destroyed. Learn more Minecraft Buildling tips with our online learning guides here. You will be able to find cobwebs sprawled all throughout and mossy cobblestone in place of normal cobblestone. Overall, quite a chilling and haunting place, once you realize what the people have gone through.

To see what a Zombie Village looks like, you can play on the seed -916855337 which has you spawn in a Desert biome. In the nearby Savanna biome is a Zombie Village. The seed -8064548905772457900 also has a Zombie Village, as well as an underwater portal ruin.

Modified Jungle Edge Biome

The rarest biome Modified Jungle Edge near spawn. Pretty nice place ! Seed : -4117632641796047328. Location : -400 +450. More seeds with Modified Jungle Edge near spawn in comments.: minecraftseeds

This is the single rarest biome in the game, taking up about 0.00027% of the minecraft world. You’ll only ever be able to find this biome at the edge of a normal jungle biome that meets a swamp biome. Its function is to have a smooth transition between both of them, hinting at the name “Jungle Edge”. Similar to normal jungles, these ones also have a huge density of trees. It also has more mountainous terrain and overhangs, you will see that the trees look like swamp trees but with sort of a jungle twist to them. This biome wil spawn normal jungle mobs like ocelots, parrots, and pandas, but it will not spawn any jungle pyramids.

To experience this amazingly rare biome for yourself, just use the seed: -417638931972431504. The Modified Jungle Edge Biome is near spawn and is located at the cords -540, 760.

Dragon Eggs

Minecraft guide: How to acquire the ender dragon egg | Windows Central

This item is only on this list because it is one of the only unique items added into Minecraft. Most people will have gotten or at least seen a Dragon Egg in at least one playthrough, and a lot of players have received it in multiple playthroughs. This item is not on the list because of how rare it is to get or how impossible it is to find. Instead it makes it here because there is only one of these items. For something a little different, why not listen to some of the Audio files on Podcastheaven.co.uk

It’s usually possible to find more than one of any other of the items on this list, and sometimes, multiple of them are guaranteed per playthrough; but for the Dragon Egg, it’s simply impossible in Vanilla survival without any spawn commands or cheats. Once you kill the final boss of Minecraft, the Ender Dragon, you will spawn the Dragon Egg above the portal leading back to the overworld. This fight of the game is the only way to get this item, and even if you kill the Dragon again, it will not spawn another Dragon Egg; and that’s why we figured that it deserved a place on this list!

Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mansions Since Update Not Worth Hassle.Just getting the woodland map can be annoying dealing with trader, especially now they reset only 2x a day,then to travel super far to get to

This very rare structure can be found in dark forests and other variants of it. You can expect this to spawn far from the world spawn point and for it to be filled chock full of nasty and violent evokers and vindicators. This is also the only place in the world in which you can find the rare Totem of Undying. The Totem of Undying can be used to prevent death! When looking for this spawn, you can expect to find it at a 0.000001% spawn rate per chunk. Wow!

If you would like to play on a world with a Woodland Mansion, then you may want to try out the seed 7536219474719498403 where you spawn right beside a Woodland Mansion, a village, and a Monument.

Activated End Portal

End portal isn't working on multiplayer server. Just drops me to other side while playing loud sound effect. Help?: Minecraft

In normal seeds of Minecraft, you at some point will come across a Stronghold which will have a portal that leads to the End, the End Portal. To activate this portal you need to fill its slots with Eyes of Ender to open or power it. When the world is generated a number of those twelve Eyes of Ender slots will be filled, making it to where you don’t need to get twelve of them to unlock the portal. But a world spawning with an End Portal that has all twelve Eyes of Ender spots filled is nearly impossible, in fact you can expect to never find one when randomly created a minecraft world. The chance of it happening is 0.0000000001%… which, let’s be real, is kind of synonymous with basically impossible, but just not wholly. 

If you want to play a seed with this incredibly rare occurrence just to see how amazing it is, you can play on the seed 95148563599334434 and go to the cords 451, 23, -2266 to find the portal.

Possibly the Rarest Theoretical Thing in Minecraft 

As the title speaks of, this mob is the rarest theoretical thing in Minecraft and because of how rare it is, it has never been seen — or at least, recorded visually. 

Reddit user u/GNiko324 made the calculation for the chance that this mob has to spawn, and his number was 4.3797e-75%. This mobs is a Left-handed, leader baby villager nitwit chicken jockey that can pick up items, can’t break doors, has full enchanted diamond gear with 20 levels, an enchanted iron sword with 16 levels, on a slime chunk desert during Halloween. 

This mob has the rarest combination of enchantments, the game needs to be set to normal, the zombie needs to spawn in the desert biome on a slime chunk, and the light level needs to be less than seven. Each of the different parts in the name above is what accounts to it being such a rare mob. Note that some of the factors said above are not needed, mainly the spawned on halloween and in a desert biome. But those factors dramatically increase the likelihood of it spawning. Without those conditions the number would be increased by an insane amount. Like what was said above, it is completely possible for this unseen mob to spawn but the chances of someone ever seeing it is close to impossible. So close to impossible that is pretty much impossible.  

To put this number into full view, it would look like this 0.00000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004379691448%. Compared to the next rarest thing on this list being 0.0000000001 that is sixty three more zeros!!

To summon such a mob just to see for yourself for fun, type this into your chat (you may need to use a console if you’re on a server, since this likely won’t fit into your whole chat). 

/summon minecraft:chicken ~ ~1 ~ {Passengers:[{id:”minecraft:zombie_villager”,Profession:5,CustomName:”The 4.3797e-75% mob!”,CustomNameVisible:1,NoAI:1b,LeftHanded:1,IsBaby:1,CanPickUpLoot:1b,HandItems:[{id:”minecraft:iron_sword”,Count:1,tag:{ench:[{id:19,lvl:2},{id:20,lvl:1},{id:21,lvl:1},{id:22,lvl:2},{id:34,lvl:2}]}},{}],HandDropChances:[2F,0F],ArmorItems:[{Count:1,tag:{ench:[{id:2,lvl:2},{id:3,lvl:2},{id:8,lvl:2},{id:34,lvl:2}]},id:”minecraft:diamond_boots”},{Count:1,tag:{ench:[{id:3,lvl:2},{id:34,lvl:2}]},id:”minecraft:diamond_leggings”},{Count:1,tag:{ench:[{id:3,lvl:2},{id:7,lvl:1},{id:34,lvl:2}]},id:”minecraft:diamond_chestplate”},{id:”minecraft:diamond_helmet”,Count:1,tag:{ench:[{id:3,lvl:2},{id:5,lvl:2},{id:6,lvl:1},{id:34,lvl:2}]}}],ArmorDropChances:[2F,2F,2F,2F]}]}


And there we have it! How many of these super rare Minecraft finds have you experienced before? We hope that this has given you some things to put on your bucket list of Minecraft things to see for yourself someday!