Happy Monday! Team Visionary welcomes you back for an exciting week. We hope you have started your week off on the right foot! Today, we have a fresh article where we will be reviewing some of the newest minigames that are available on the Minecraft Marketplace. Mini games are great for Minecraft players that are looking to take it up a notch. It opens new doors for you to get out of the default survival mode, and create new and exciting goals for you to achieve. Take a look at all of these thrilling minigames that come in a wide variety made for everyone to enjoy. With so many creative mini games, there is plenty for you and your friends to play. Whether you’re looking for a single player game or a multiplayer game, the marketplace has everything you need like solo missions, teamwork based games and/or rivalry games. 

Crazy Spleef by Waypoint Studios 

Everyone loves spleef! Spleef is made for players that crave a competitive field to play against their friends. In this multiplayer build, your goal is to be the last player standing. You will have to break down the blocks under your opponents, and once you have broken enough blocks underneath them, they will be sent into a void. This will leave you as the winner of the match. It will be extra challenging while players are moving around while trying to attack you too. Use your strategic skills to defend and attack other players. Settle the score with your friends and see who can destroy the blocks the fastest. Watch out for mobs that will distract you and your opponents! They will roam around, and try to kill any humans in sight. This game is made for up to 8 players. The more people you play with, the more hectic and challenging it will be for the winner to claim the title as the champion.   
Download Crazy Spleef 

Jungle Royale by Rasa Studios 

Explore the majestic land of Namanyi Valley! In this challenge, you will have to use your resources to be the last survivor of this jungle! Roam around and collect your resources to help you make it through another day. Uncover all the hidden secrets in this valley while trying to piece together what occurred to the past civilization. The Masuri civilization has left a lot behind, but have they gone extinct? Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes when trying to accept these challenges. You will be provided with 10 different mini games within this game, so you’ll always have something to do! When venturing around this bewildering jungle, look carefully for 12 hidden collectable items scattered throughout the land. To top it off, Rasa Studios offers you 20 skins in this purchase, so you can fit into your role in this stranded land. 
Download Jungle Royale 

Infinite SCP Battle by House of How 

Put your seatbelt on! You’re going on a wild ride to save the city from all the SCP that have taken over. With a seemingly never ending battle with SCP, this challenge is exclusively for the bravest, experienced fighters. Use all your parkour skills to help take down all of them in this speedy game. Select your battlefield, and fight large waves of creatures before they destroy you. With every round that you advance, you will earn bonus prizes and run into boss fights as well. Every arena comes with its own obstacles. This game is great in single player, so you can take on the solo mission of single handedly slaying all the SCP. Don’t want to take on the challenge alone? Don’t worry, House of How has made this minigame multiplayer, so you can team up with your friends to defeat all the monsters. You will be provided a trophy for specific achievements. Unlock all the trophies to be a true champion. You will also receive 5 skins for free to blend into your role in these intense fights. Fight up to 14 SCP! In this match, it is to kill or to be killed. Will you be the last one standing? 
Download Infinite SCP Battle 

Hide & Seek Office Props by G2Crafted 

Welcome to your new office space! Your job is quite simple. You will be assigned to play hide and seek around the room. G2Crafted has made it a lot simpler for you to hide by letting you have the ability to morph yourself into a wide variety of furniture. This will make it very difficult to spot you at first glance. Try to stand still while seekers try to locate you. Want to sharpen your skills as a seeker? Play as a prop hunter to advance your skills when playing against people. You will only need two people in order to play this game, but you can invite a large group to see if the seekers can find everyone. 
Download Hide & Seek Office Props 


We hope you find these mini games to be just as exciting as we did! These mini games allow you to have a good opportunity to play a customized version of a game you already love! These mini games are hand crafted to enhance your gaming experience. With a wide variety of goals and objectives, you can find endless amounts of fun for everyone to admire. From relaxed, adventure games to adrenaline pumping rivalries, any one of your friends can join you. In some, you can even invite your friends to help you achieve goals, or you will be put against them to see who can complete the task at hand in the best manner. These games can range from mildly easy games to extremely difficult, see what tier you would like to start in and keep advancing! 

Want to find more incredible mini games? Check out the Minecraft Marketplace for all the amazing options you have. This catalog has everything you could ever need like survival spawns, texture packs, mash up packs, skin packs, adventure maps, and mini games. Personalize the games you play, and how you dress to enhance your experience. 

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