Happy Hallow’s Eve! We hope you have had a chilling week leading up to Halloween! Under the full moon tomorrow, you never know what may happen. Kick back and play some of your favorite games. Today, we have hand picked some adventure maps that are Halloween themed. These maps are frightening, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat! Adventure maps are custom builds made by community creators. They are a unique way to experience the game, usually with a certain objective or goal set aside for you to accomplish. See what adventures lie ahead of you! There are plenty of maps with a wide variety for all kinds of playstyles, so you can surely find something you enjoy. Remember to stay safe tomorrow, and enjoy the cold weather! 


GhastBusters by Podcrash 

Your town has become cursed and haunted! Many citizens have been reporting that they have seen ghosts and ghouls floating around and causing trouble. In moments like this, who better to call than the GhastBusters! It’s time to put on your boots and grab your blaster with your best friends to become the GhastBuster team! It is your duty as a member of the legendary GhastBuster team to help get the ghosts in the town to leave its residents alone. This adventure map will throw you deep into the adventures of either fighting these ghosts or finding out their true backstories and helping them. As you progress through the adventure, you will understand more about the curse of the town and what has caused all of these ghosts to arise. The choice will eventually dawn onto you to defeat the curse to release the town. Will you make the right choices? This adventure map equips your team with 4 teen GhastBuster skins and is packed with animated cutscenes as well as custom boss fights! 

Download GhastBusters 


Haunted Mansion Battle by Mythicus 

One thing we are yet to see in quarantine is a virtual haunted house. Not anymore. Welcome to the Haunted Mansion Battle. Be sure to enter only with a group of friends to watch each other’s backs and discover all the various monsters and bosses residing in the mansion. The Haunted Mansion battle by Mythicus is the perfect place to be if you love getting pulled to the edge of your seat and choose to either fight or flee from the terrifying spirits. One of the most unique traits to this adventure map is the spooky music that will be sure to chill your blood. This music will play at the most suspenseful moments and indicate that something scary is headed your way. This map is also fully equipped with over 25 unique mob waves, 5 bosses, and a bunch of new monsters! If you choose to disguise yourself as one of the monsters, this pack has you covered with 6 included monster skins that will camouflage you from your enemies. Enter the Haunted Mansion Battle and challenge yourself to see if you can defeat all the monsters to come out on top! 

Download Haunted Mansion Battle 


Scary Dolls by Lifeboat 

Have you ever wondered if toys and dolls were to come to life, would they be friendly or choose to haunt us? In Scary Dolls by Lifeboat, the dolls have picked the latter and are out to get you! You have been trapped with your friend Jimmy in this supersized dollhouse where all of the dolls have been brought to life and will harm you along your route to escape. Along your path to freedom, the dolls have taken your pal Jimmy! it is now up to you to either save yourself or both you and your friend. But be warned, Jimmy is being kept in one of the most haunted areas of the dollhouse and the scariest dolls are keeping him hostage. Within the dollhouse, there are 4 doll mobs, 2 doll mini-bosses, and one final boss who will be exponentially difficult to defeat. Not only will the dolls try to fight you, but they also love to give you creepy jump scares! Now, will you risk it all to save Jimmy?

Download Scary Dolls 


Lights Out by Lifeboat

What’s scarier than being a room with a bunch of unfriendly monsters and ghosts? Being in a dark room with a bunch of unfriendly monsters and ghosts. In Lights Out by Lifeboat, several electrical monsters have taken over the power lines of the city and cut the power to everyone! They have been using the darkness to their advantage to cause terror and frighten everyone in the city. You used to be an average electrician in the city, but now, you are the only one who has the ability and knowledge to bring the lights back on! Turning the lights back on will be no easy feat and you will have to roam around in your electrician bucket truck while battling 4 different types of electrical monsters. Monsters will be guarding the power lines as well as attacking and you will have to defeat them in order to climb up and repair the wires. Not only are there 4 types of monsters to fight, but waiting for you at the main plant is the final boss who is sure to give a tough match! This adventure map will equip you with 7 free skins to match your fighting and electrician skills. Go from being an average electrician to becoming the savior of the city in Lights Out! 

Download Lights Out 



We know you’ll enjoy these adventure maps from the Minecraft Marketplace. Custom maps will help you experience a new build made by your community creators. They come in all shapes and sizes. Check out the Minecraft Marketplace for more exciting content! You can find texture packs, mash up packs, survival spawns, mini games, adventure maps and skin packs. 


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