Hello, everyone! We at Team Visionary hope that you’ve had a great week. Minecraft is a lot of things to a lot of people: for some, it’s a fun and casual pastime; for some, it’s a career and full-time job. Some players live for the adrenaline rush of competing against other players in heated, bloody battles. Others might spend their Minecraft days tilling away at wheat fields, and their nights huddled in cozy little farmhouses. 

For the community of creative content creators, however, this wonderful game and its flexibility is nothing less than their own personal universe, a platform to build and create where the sky’s the limit (and sometimes not even then). Adventure maps are one such medium, where content creators can mold a Minecraft map to their whim, making characters, goals, quests, and custom mechanics for the player to explore.

The Minecraft gamemode of Skyblock has taken many, many forms over the years, growing more complex and innovative with every player’s new creative and novel ideas. The general goal of Skyblock is to, then, progress along the gameplay progression of Minecraft while being heavily limited by the fact that the world is entirely made of void, and that there is no overworld. 

That’s why today, we’re coming to you guys with a spectacular list of the newest, best Minecraft Skyblock Adventure Maps of December 2021!

Without further ado, let’s get into things! 

Skyblock Pirate Story by Everbloom Games

Skyblock Pirate Story - Minecraft Map Trailer - YouTube

Grab your trustworthy crew, and get ready to sail the seven seas! …Seven skies? Anyways! In Skyblock Pirate Story by Everbloom Games, you’ll be able to play as a sky pirate conquering the lands and skies amidst the clouds. In this adventure map, you’ll start — as per most Skyblocks do — on a barren island devoid of almost all resources. From then on, you’ll need to expand your base outwards on your own and get into all sorts of automation and resourcefulness in order to keep surviving.

Build up your flying ship and sail it from island to island! Take on and complete all sorts of fun quests and missions, and earn rewards in order to upgrade your ship into the best possible version of itself, and fight off a crew of bloodthirsty sky pirates trying to lay claim to the forbidden treasures. Enjoy this amazing Skyblock map that comes with a full, engaging storyline and quests! Though you could play this with your friends, for maximum enjoyment and balance, this map is recommended for singleplayer.

Download Skyblock Pirate Story

Bubbles Skyblock by Pixelusion

Bubbles Skyblock

Nothing says fun like bubbles, and Bubbles Skyblock by Pixelusion combines two childhood wonders by, well, putting a bunch of Skyblock islands into glass bubbles and scattering them across your Minecraft world! You’ll be starting on a generic Skyblock island with a couple of grass blocks and a tree, but a quick glance around will show you tons and tons of bubble islands on the horizon. 

Each bubble contains an island of varying size, loot, style and biome! Throughout all of the Skyblock bubbles, you’ll be able to find every sort of material you might want for any Skyblock builds you may want to construct. Plus, each bubble comes with a chest filled to the brim with goodies. The map also comes with a few free skins! 

Download Bubbles Skyblock

Village Life Skyblock by Owls Cubed

Village Life Skyblock

Though the two Minecraft maps mentioned before this greatly expand your Skyblock experience by adding tons of islands, Village Life Skyblock by Owls Cubed introduces a whole new gameplay style by letting you… turn into a villager! Well, not literally, but you’ll certainly be able to experience the village life from a whole new perspective.

Upgrade the little village on your island and expand it bigger and bigger, till you’re ruling over a whole new empire! You’ll be able to upgrade the island as well, complete tons of fun quests and generally explore a world of your own creation. This is perfect for some empire-building roleplay with friends, or just sate your completionist soul by getting all the challenges done. Why not learn more about creating items with the Team Visionary Minecraft Building Tips resources.

Download Village Life Skyblock

Sky World by Pixelusion

Sky World

Let’s get into something a little different! Though regular Skyblock islands are an awesome callback to older days and nostalgia, the fact of the matter is that Skyblock has evolved into bigger and better things! Sky World by Pixelusion encompasses that concept entirely with a gorgeous, massive build of floating islands in the sky. 

Discover the different islands and biomes, collecting resources from each of them and trading with the various inhabitants of the civilizations and towns. You’ll truly be able to become a part of the world, with dozens of challenges to complete packed neatly into an objective book. Sky World guarantees an epic Skyblock adventures throughout tons of dungeons filled with monsters to slay. You’ll also be able to play both with your friends or alone!

Download Sky World

Skyland Desert Skulls by Razzleberries

Skyland Desert Skulls

Welcome to the desert! Make sure you’ve packed plenty of food and water! Skyland Desert Skulls by Razzleberries is yet another Skyblock – gone – wild map, with absolutely breathtaking builds of magnificent size — so big, in fact, that there’s a completely custom teleportation system to allow you to quickly travel from island to island.

Fight your way through the Skyland — through some beautiful, relaxing islands that might quickly turn hostile and dangerous! The Minecraft map promises “loot galore”, with tons of rewards for clearing out the swathes of horrible monsters and exploring every nook and cranny of the map, so this one is for you adventurers out there! The islands scale in difficulty, and so you’ll need to make sure that you choose wisely, lest you find yourself on the wrong side of a blade — or fang. 

Download Skyland Desert Skulls 


And there we have it! Will you choose to upgrade your island into an empire with Village Life Skyblock, or conquer the seven skies in a flying ship with Skyblock Pirate Story? The worlds are yours to discover, explore and make your own! Which one will you choose to venture forth into, first?

As lockdown continues in various parts of the world, we know that it might be getting difficult to deal with being away from our friends and sometimes, family. We hope that with these Minecraft Adventure Maps, you’ll find the perfect one to play with your friends.