We hope everyone is having a great Friday! Since it is just in time for the weekend, we have carefully selected some of our favorite Minecraft mini-games for you and your friends to enjoy! These mini-games are great for people who want to add a bit more excitement to their gameplay, or to have friendly or fierce competitions. We are sure that these mini-games are bound to keep you fully engaged and immersed into the blocky worlds of Minecraft! 

Zookeeper Simulator by House of How 

For our first pick on our list, we have the one and only Zookeeper Simulator! In this mini-game, you will assume the role of a zookeeper of a fully remodeled, brand new zoo. Although you have all the facilities to house various species of animals in the zoo, there are no animals just yet! It will be your task to find all types of animals and to eventually tame them and have them in your zoo. There are over 40 different animals that you  can tame and breed such as elephants, pandas, bears, birds, lions, and even more! Team up with your friends to make this hard task even easier! Once you’re able to tame a significant amount of animals, you can begin to allow people into the zoo to come and see these magnificent creatures. Become a real zookeeper with the free skins included with this mini-game! This mini-game also comes with various wearable animal costumes as well as a plethora of guests that will eventually come and visit the zoo. But be prepared to fully become a zookeeper, the bigger the animal is, the bigger their droppings will be! 
Download Zookeeper Simulator 

Astrobiomes by MCTEXELS

Get ready soldier, your mission now is to defend this destination planet from the fierce alien attacks that have ravaged this world for far too long. Don’t be mistaken by the cute neon colors of these aliens, they are vicious and will attack on sight! This minigame is perfect for either solo play or playing with anyone around the world. As you play through this planet, you can also take a few moments to stop and admire this unique and beautiful planet. Become the best alien hunter on the planet by making your way through all 40 story mode levels! As you progress through each level, there will be new and unseen aliens and robots that will either attack or help you. Do your duty to help this planet get rid of the alien infestation and once you become the best, try out the endless mode where aliens will constantly come at you and get your highest score! 
Download Astrobiomes

Nether Parkour by The Rage Craft Room

Welcome to the Nether realm! You have been trapped in the Nether and in order to survive, you must perfect your parkour movements and be able to fight! This minigame is perfect for those of you who cherish the precise movements of your controls to be able to get from one point to the next in the most efficient way possible. In the Nether Realm, there are various monsters and other creatures who will attempt to make your parkour courses even more difficult, so be sure to be wary of them! There are a total of 5 extremely challenging parkour courses where you will be tested to your limit. If you are able to conquer all 5 courses, there is a bonus parkour wars minigame included! In the bonus minigame, you will compete with various players to get the best times and least falls in new parkour courses. Of course, you can’t be stuck in the Nether Realm looking like an outsider, so to help you fit in there are 2 Nether inspired skins that you can dress yourself in! 
Download Nether Parkour

Noob Vs Pro Prison Escape by Norvale 

Oh no! You have been taken prisoner and thrown into jail! Luckily, your friends have coincidentally also been put in jail and have found multiple routes to escape the prison. This prison is built on a massive piece of land and can hold thousands of prisoners. Team up with your fellow players and strategize how you will all breakout of prison. But beware of the extremely mean and harsh warden! If he catches you escaping, you will be punished beyond compare! Since the warden is also aware of the prison having escape routes, he has planted fake escape routes as well to catch prisoners. Outsmart the warden and find the proper paths to escape while leveling up yourself from a noob to becoming a pro. It is now up to you now if you are willing to serve your sentence, or to make a great escape to sweet freedom! 
Download Noob Vs Pro Prison Escape

TNT Run by Dig Down Studios

In this mini-game, you and your friends will be placed into a huge arena with blocks falling once you set foot on them! Not only are the blocks falling, but if you fall with a block you will be blown up by TNT underneath the arena! This mini-game is ideal for those who enjoy having heated and intense competitions with friends or random players and strive to be the best. The most unique part to this mini-game is that you never know what obstacles may be ahead of you, but there is always a TNT block waiting to explode on you. The small few who will survive to the end of these competitions will be crowned as the champion and deserving of all bragging rights! Have a blast while trying to not get blasted by the TNT in this mini-game! 
Download TNT Run

Lucky Blocks Wild West by 4KStudios

A time machine has taken the world back in time to the Wild West! Not only has the entire world been shifted to the Wild West, but there also various lucky blocks spread throughout that will have surprises hidden inside! Team up with your friends to explore what the Wild West and these lucky blocks have to offer. Spend time enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Wild West’s empty deserts and busy towns. You can choose to either explore leisurely, role-play with friends, or to put yourself in a massive survival spawn only meant for the most skilled players. While exploring the Wild West, you will run into 10 unique lucky blocks that will have either something to help or hinder you! Not only are there lucky blocks, but there are over 100 events to decide whether you will be fortunate or unfortunate! Embrace the cowboy lifestyle of the Wild West by fitting the attire with 12 role-playing skins along with an extra free skin! 
Download Lucky Blocks Wild West


Stay home this weekend and keep yourself occupied with any of these minigames. Any one of these minigames are sure to keep you on your toes and will truly challenge you as a player! Whether you want to simply relax and keep it easy or throw yourself into the deep end, we have a mini-game just for you. We hope that you have the best time playing any of these mini-games!
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