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If you’re a Minecraft player, you’ve at one point tried a resource pack… and if you haven’t, you’re really missing out on what the game has to offer! After all, Minecraft’s default textures are charming, and some of the new item textures especially have certainly hit the upper limits of pixel art, in a great way. Still, after years — over a decade, for some of us — of looking at the same pixels arranged in the same way, it can get kind of old. 

That’s why we’ve made this collection of Best Minecraft Resource Packs for April 2021 for you to enjoy while fishing, fighting, farming, mining and building in this incredible game. These are resource packs of all types of genres, resolutions, designs and themes, since they’re some of the favorite resource packs of our whole team. 

If you’re looking for something more specific, do check out our “Best Of” section on our blog, where we group resource pack recommendations (among other things!) by categories and themes — from cute to stylistic to high-performance packs, we’re sure to have something for every kind of Minecraft player!

Stitched Together by Team Visionary

Minecraft Marketplace | Team Visionary

Are you a fan of knitting or stitching? Maybe you just like the aesthetic of hand – stitched, patchwork and papercraft textures? If so, then boy do we have the resource pack for you! With Stitched Together by Team Visionary, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy as your Minecraft world gets transformed into a cute – as – a – button universe. 

Install this pack and watch the world around you transform into carefully – stitched fabric textures. Not only are the textures of every block, entity and item completely changed, the color palette of the pack also greatly enhances the look of your Minecraft experience. Enjoy these bright, vibrant, and saturated hues that are sure to lift your spirits no matter how bad of a day you’re having. This resource pack also comes with a whopping 12 free, matching skins — that means so much bang for your buck! It’s also updated with current Minecraft versions (1.16) to include every single item and entity in the latest versions of the game. 

Download Stitched Together

Advanced SteamPunk by Team Visionary 

Advanced Steampunk by Team Visionary - MCStore

Advanced SteamPunk by Team Visionary’s is a resource pack is modelled after an immensely popular fictional genre and clothing aesthetic: steampunk! If you’re not sure what steampunk is, it’s a post – apocalyptic genre based on steam energy — think giant blimps, gears and clockwork! If you are a fan of steampunk, however, then you will be delighted to know that this resource pack brings everything you love about the aesthetic into your Minecraft world! 

As you load into your Minecraft world and make your way around, you might be able to notice that resources have become scarce and almost no trash remains. Everything in this steampunk world now has its very own purpose — even all the unusable bits of trash have been reused and recycled to create something usable! Of course, the animals have also adapted to this new world, with their bodies molding into the harsh new environment. This pack brings about an atmosphere that’s a little darker, as befits the Steampunk genre — though still with vibrant, lovely color palettes. Experience your Minecraft world like never before with Team Visionary’s 1.16 Steampunk resource pack!

Download Advanced SteamPunk

Dragon Heart by Tetrascape

Dragon Heart - Minecraft Marketplace - YouTube

All of us have, at one point or another, come face to face with minecraft’s most dangerous and terrifying monster before, the Ender Dragon. Dragon Heart by Tetrascape, however, thrusts you into a world filled with dragons — some of which are the opposite of scary! 

Transport yourself and your friends into a wild new world of vast landscapes, bright treasure, terrifying dangers and re-imagined mobs! While being highly stylized and cartoonish, Dragon Heart doesn’t rely on heavily saturated colors, instead striking a perfect balance between vibrant and pastel and creating a world that is both pleasing to the eyes, while promising a world of exciting adventure. 

From the blocks to items, every piece of art is reminiscent of an old-school RPG that strikes nostalgia and wonder into us all. Dragon Heart’s re-imagined mobs especially stand out, with custom models and textures that transform the Minecraft mobs we all know and love into completely new entities, such as dragons. 

Download Dragon Heart

Clarity by Pathway Studios

Clarity Texture Pack Release Trailer | Minecraft Marketplace - YouTube

When it comes to content and updates there is no doubt that Minecraft has kept up with the race of time to keep the game changing for the better and becoming more engaging with each new update. On the other hand, while Minecraft has made an effort to better the textures, it can still seem a little lacking compared to other games, with almost no new UI updates since release,

Pathway Studios set out to update these textures with a goal in mind: simply to bring more clarity to Minecraft’s textures, while at the same time giving them more intricate detail. With the release with their newest resource pack Clarity they did exactly that! Clarity adds stunning clarity to your world with its pixel perfect changes to the default Minecraft world. 

Clarity was built to add more realism and an immersive feeling to your Minecraft experience, all while keeping the nostalgic textures we all are used to.

Download Clarity

Star Odyssey: Beyond Space by Odd Block

Star Odyssey : Beyond Space - Marketplace Trailer - YouTube

Star Odyssey: Beyond Space by Odd Block is one of the most detailed and well-done futuristic / space travel resource packs on the market. Every single block has not only been retextured but reconceptualized to fit into the aesthetic of the pack. Despite not being HD enough to affect performance, every single block is textured with detail that really shows the passion that the team has for their craft. 

There are also custom signs and paintings that can be used to decorate the walls with sci-fi looking screens and charts. What’s more impressive than the blocks, however, are the custom models of the mobs. There are some truly alien looking ones in there, enhancing your immersion within the terrifying and unfamiliar new extraterrestrial worlds that the pack transforms Minecraft into.

Download Star Odyssey: Beyond Space


Sometimes you play Minecraft to fight and destroy your friends in minigames. Sometimes to speedrun the ender dragon and test the limits of mortal hubris. But sometimes, you just want a bit of peace and quiet, spent in the comfort of the pixels that have stayed constant throughout your life. 

We hope that this list has given you new ways to appreciate the beautiful, explosively popular game that is Minecraft. However, if you didn’t find a resource pack that was to your fancy, that’s okay — we’ve just published an article on Everything You Need To Know About Making a Minecraft Resource Pack. Maybe you’ll be able to make your own resource pack to fit all your needs! 

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