For this week, Team Visionary has curated and specially picked out a handful of our favorite texture packs. Texture packs are great for builders looking for more custom, unique textures for their one of a kind builds. Use our list to guide you to find your best pack for designing and building. 


Kingdom Craft by Goe-Craft 

Create your own magnificent, medieval kingdom with this texture pack. Dress yourself as a knight in shining armour or as the glorious ruler of the kingdom from the 14 HD skins that come in this pack. With these blocks, you will be able to build your own royal castles, towers, farms and a city fortress. 

Download Kingdom Craft 


Better Default Textures by Owls Cubed 

Build a unique minecraft map that still keeps the traditional feel to it! You won’t have to stray too far from the regular default designs to create a world that stands out. Try out this upgraded pack that has been updated for the Nether update! Owls cubed have kept true to vanilla colors and styles. 

Download Better Default Texture 


Super Retro by 4J Studios 

For those who are feeling nostalgic and want to go back to the 80’s. With the Super Retro texture pack, you can do just that. This texture pack focuses on the 8 bit retro gaming style and adds 54 new colors and a few free skins! Create your own adventures and venture through the 8-bit world with a blast from the past! 

Download Super Retro 


Simply Cubed by Pixel Squared

Like playing PVP with your friends? Make your own with this simply perfect texture pack! This playful style is faithful to the default style but fun and colorful! Not only do you have cute mobs in this pack, but also, custom models and free skins! This pack shows the worlds in a new light! 

Download Simply Cubed


Twisty by Team Visionary 

This particular texture pack is filled with high quality blocks that bring unique colors and designs into your builds. These spooky caverns will keep your map looking creepy and each block has its own vibrant designs. Frightening blocks will keep you on your toes for survival!  Made for the newest update, and it includes a cool custom sky and 25 models! Choose from up to 6 free skins that are added into this pack.  

Download Twisty 


Faithful by XMRVIZZY 

Faithful is another option for builders that want to keep similar looks to the original minecraft textures. This pack has a nice pop of color and slight, enjoyable changes that are too unfamiliar! Find polar bears in cold corners of your map and build your own temples.  

Download Faithful 


Hattoricraft by Cyber Marlin 

You don’t need a professional trainer to be a ninja anymore now that the Hattoricraft texture pack is here! Put yourself to the test and show off your ninja skills while adding giant insects to the game! This pack has been optimized for the latest updates.

Download Hattoricraft 


Jolicraft Texture Pack by Jolicraft 

Story time! Except in this one, you are the creator of your very own storybook. Use this pixel perfect texture pack to construct a big open world full of adventure in every corner. Fill your magical world with critters and make everything taste like chocolate! Bring your fantasy hero stories to life or explore your dream world today! 

Download Jolicraft 


VanillaBDCraft by BDCraft 

BDCraft has created their own HD Comic textures just for you! With their own unique twist to the original design, these blocks have more defined features. Even the mobs have high definition details that are very clear. It is suggested that you have 2GB or more RAM for this download. A custom UI is provided to fit the high definition minecraft theme! 

Download VanillaBDCraft


Medieval Texture Pack by Gamemode One

Originating from the 5th century, the medieval period is back! This texture pack takes you back in time to a land of fantasies with kings, queens, and knights. Dress up in 20 different skins that are fit for the Age of Discovery! Battle mysterious monsters and conquer the lands you create! These lands are fit for only the most honorable and most brave heroes. 

Download Medieval Texture Pack


Muddle by Razzleberries 

Take some time to sit back and relax with this texture pack. Surround yourself with the serenity of nature filled with adorable animals. The human villagers are good company when you’re piecing together your world! Wander through these deep woods and place creatures to battle while you explore your map! 

Download Muddle


Ice Age Texture Pack by Visula 

It’s the ice age! Everything is frozen on this side. At least you won’t have to wait till December to experience a winter wonderland! The villagers wear festive colors to keep you feeling jolly, but you can also hang Christmas wreaths to spice up your home. Make your own frozen map during this ice age and enjoy the wonderful frozen breeze. 

Download Ice Age Texture Pack 


Stone Age Texture Pack by Polymaps 

In the Stone Age, you’re going to have to reinvent the wheel by yourself. Transport yourself back thousands of years and become the one to show the people of the Stone Age about modern technology! The Stone Age pack is filled with prehistoric creatures and cavemen to spread across your build. Defeat these horrific monsters and custom mobs, so you can live long enough to recreate the world however you please! Find the cavemen and mammoths around your map and see if they’re friendly! 

Download Stone Age 


Alien Worlds Texture Pack by Polymaps

Aliens have found their way to Earth, and they were not a fan! Spreading dangerous parasites to infect humans and infesting the planet, they have successfully taken over. Take this call to action with the Alien Worlds texture pack and go on a sci-fi adventure! Great for space exploring roleplay as you rebuild civilization with these vibrant designs!  

Download Alien Worlds 


Beyond the Lands by Tomaxed 

Travel back to ancient times! You can bring all your mythical fantasies to life. Discover realistic textures and piece your own adventures together. Explore all the animals and creatures you can spread into your spontaneous journeys. 

Download Beyond the Lands


Tree of Gold by Pathway Studios 

The world can get dull and bland sometimes, with Tree of Gold, add a layer of brightness and vibrancy to your world! This texture pack is best suited for building villages and towns to add details to the various houses and buildings. Make yourself cozy in your little town and own pets!

Download Tree of Gold


Mizuno Craft by Cubecraft Games 

Unlock playful blocks in your huge, open world! These blocks, tools, and more are all customized to look fun and creative! Have cute textured villagers around your world to enjoy the map. Swim with the dolphins and make many different themed regions in your map with a variety of textures! 

Download Mizuno Craft 


Military Craft – Texture pack by Goe-Craft

Listen up, soldier! The military has recruited you, and you have been assigned to go fight in battle and explore enemy worlds. It is your duty to build strong and fortified bases for your fellow soldiers and to protect the people. Can you keep everyone safe or will the enemies get the best of you? This powerful army design is super detailed and lives up to the hype! This texture pack comes with 16 combat-ready HD skins and high resolution blocks with sharp textures! Design your base and complete your mission. 

Download Military Craft 


Pastel Craft by Goe-Craft

Have the entire pastel color spectrum under your belt now with this texture pack! Surround your world with pastel colors to get a mellow and comfortable feeling in your builds and to also add design. Create your blissful utopia planet filled with retro kingdoms and modern cities. 10 HD skins are included with these HD textures! This planet is a wonderful spot to roleplay in with all your friends!  

Download Pastel 


Winter Craft – Texture Pack by Goe-Craft 

Enjoy these magnificent wintry HD textures for your freezing crafts. Create a cold winter world and make snow forts, igloos, and snowmen with all your friends! Become one with the ice and snow to gain the powers to build your own world with it. To keep you from freezing, this texture pack comes with 10 winter skins! 

Download Winter Craft


Peaceful Texture Pack by Shapescape

Play in a calm environment that you will feel safe in. Wear a comfy look while experiencing these simple textures! This is great for younger children or people searching for textures to create a stress-free world to explore. Watch the beautiful sunset, travel realms, and go fishing with your friends. 

Download Peaceful Texture Pack


Horror Craft by Goe-Craft 

For this year’s Halloween, make the whole world your own haunted house with Horror Craft! This texture pack allows you to add scary details to your builds to frighten enemies and monsters. Build as big and as scary as you can to have an impenetrable horror kingdom! You can blend yourself into the world with the 10 free HD skins.

Download Horror Craft




All of these packs are wonderful from horrifyingly creepy packs to calm, vibrant textures. Check out all of these cool designs from the Minecraft Marketplace

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