Want to have legendary adventures on Minecraft without breaking your budget? This week we have put together a list of our favorite FREE downloadable content from the Minecraft Marketplace! Browse these fantastic options that are easily accessible to anyone and everyone. Thanks to these creators, you don’t have to empty your wallet to have epic, unforgettable quests, and this makes it so much easier on you to convince your friends and family to join you in these incredible gaming experiences. 


Astronaut Training Center by ShapeScape 

Compared to our universe, we are merely small specks floating through the cosmos. There is an infinite amount of space left unexplored. With the Astronaut Training Center, you can explore to the fullest, and be the first to discover these never before seen areas. The Training Center offers over a dozen classes to simulate the harsh environments of the final frontier. Make your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut come true! This free item also comes with 4 skins that include oxygen tanks. This is offered to ensure you have enough oxygen when you’re out doing spacewalks or exploring and to keep you safe from dangers out in space. Although this item is free, be prepared for the challenges up ahead, as being a true astronaut means pushing yourself to your limits and putting yourself in dangerous places. 

Download Astronaut Training Center 


Graduation Celebration by Minecraft 

This one is for all of our graduates affected by COVID-19! Minecraft has created a virtual graduation ceremony as a fun and playful way to celebrate all your hard work! Whether you’re celebrating a ceremony you missed due to coronavirus regulations or simply just want to roleplay, this map has everything you need. Roleplay as a teacher, student, or even hardworking staff in this build. This online celebration can include all your friends in a time where it may be hard to gather in person. Minecraft has even included instructions to help you run this honorable experience to ensure that you know what needs to be done to create a successful graduation ceremony. Make unforgettable memories and throw your cap as high as you can while celebrating moving onto your next stage in life!

Download Graduation Celebration 


Way of the Nether by Razzleberries 

A portal has opened in your town of Poppy Isle, and since then very mysterious things have been happening. First, the mayor of the town went missing the night this portal opened, and upon investigating, we have discovered this is a portal to the Nether realm. Since you are the most magnificent and honorable hero in the town, they have tasked you to find the mayor and bring him back so the town can go back to living peacefully. It’s all up to you to find out what’s happening in the Nether. Make sure you decide carefully on which mobs are with you and which are against you. Some may come of use to you on this mission. You can now also use the new and elite material, Netherite! Build strong weapons and houses with this material and come out on top and bring peace back to your town! 

Download Way of the Nether 


Rockett Adventures 1 by Lifeboat 

Oh no! The time machine erupted! You are now the newest member of the Rockett family, and Mom created the world’s first time machine in the city. She needs your help in solving a very absurd side effect of this explosion. A hand full of dinosaurs were transported through the machine and into your hometown! You can choose to play as either Jake or Nora in this legendary adventure with the 2 free skins that come in this deal. It is up to you if you want to defeat these nearly extinct creatures or to tame them. You are able to tame and ride up to 6 different dinosaur breeds. Join the Rockett family in a series of endless fun. Lifeboat has made this first adventure of this series free for you to see what all the hype is about. This experience comes fully narrated, so you’re not alone in this single player build. Check out all of these episodes, and start with downloading this free one today! 

Download Rockett Adventures 1 


Neolithic Revolution by ShapeScape 

This free item is as valuable as a time machine! Teleport yourself back in time to the Neolithic time period during the Stone Age! This time period is also known as the first agricultural revolution, historically known as the big transition in evolution from hunting to agriculture. Gathering material and learning agriculture allowed people to let go of their nomad living styles and learn how to make a long-term home in a specific area. Learn how humans innovatively used their materials for survival back in their day to bring us where we are today. This world will fully immerse you into the Stone Age, and who knows what prehistoric creatures you may run into! This map has been based as close to accurate as possible to the real Neolithic time period for your educational purposes, so that you may even take inspiration from cavemen, to invent the newest technologies! 

Download Neolithic Revolution 


The Human Body by Goe-Craft 

Make yourself as small as a blood cell and make your way into the inner workings of a human being! This free map allows you to ride through this fully functioning body on a minecart and observe how each body part connects to one another to make a full system. In the center of this human body, there is a state of the art laboratory. Here, you can learn and discover many valuable things about the human body. This item also comes with 4 free laboratory based skins to make yourself a true researcher and scientist finding out the secrets of the human body! You have access to 10 major organs and the digestive system along with interactive animations. 

Download The Human Body 


Spring-a-Majig by The Misfit Society 

Winter has come! But unfortunately, it has overstayed its welcome just a little too long. All the citizens in your world have been complaining that the winter season stayed all throughout the year, and the people are demanding spring to come now! Since it has been winter for so long, all the farmers have lost their crops and have no way to make money, and many people are getting frostbite. Due to your past short-comings with various machines, the citizens have begun to lose faith in you as an inventor, and it is now your time to redeem yourself! Build the machine that will turn the seasons and finally put an end to this endless winter. 

Download Spring-a-Majig 


International Space Station by Minecraft 

NASA has been sending astronauts to live space for nearly 20 years aboard these International Space Stations! To mark this milestone, NASA has collaborated with Minecraft to bring you this premium experience of being on an international space station for free! Explore outside the atmosphere through the massive station, and find all sorts of tools and gadgets that astronauts use on a daily basis. They have also tasked you with a challenge as their newest space cadet! It is your duty to design and perfect a new module for the space station and to research and experiment. There’s always something new to learn on the International Space Station! 

Download International Space Station 


The Human Eye by Minecraft 

Dive into your retina for an eye opening experience- literally! Gain knowledge on the human eyeball, and understand how it functions with this unique scientific model. You will be able to witness first hand how we reflect lights from materials using rod and cone cells. This diagram shows how the eyes let objects be seen, and how human perception really works. Minecraft has made this unique map to spread knowledge about our greatest tool as humans. 

Download The Human Eye


The Legendary Phoenix by Goe-Craft 

Take yourself to the mystical land of the Legendary Phoenix hidden within time and space. This land has a deep history with a prehistoric civilization buried deep in the frozen water and is now inhabited by snow and ice creatures, such as abominable snowmen! Not only is the civilization gone, but the Legendary Phoenix has also become frozen. Take the challenge and go on various quests to find the hidden ancient secrets of this civilization and scavenge for the six magic scrolls that can free the Arctic Phoenix! This free pack comes with HD frozen textures, and 10 HD skins to fully immerse yourself in this magical world. You may find yourself struck with awe when you finally set your eyes on the Legendary Arctic Phoenix, so be prepared! 

Download The Legendary Phoenix 




We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article just as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you! We specially selected these options for those who are looking for awesome content without having to take your wallet out. 


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