Here at Team Visionary, we have carefully selected some of our favorite maps based on escape rooms and survival. Put yourself to the test, it’s survival of the fittest, will you make your way out? 


Escape Room: Prison Escape by Entity Builds

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you at Entity Prison. You are awaiting your transport to the maximum security prison, and you must make your way out before being locked up forever! In this unique setting, you have to use your brainpower and solve various puzzles and mind teasers either on your own or with your best friends. You’ll receive your own cell and get to interact with fellow inmates. Push your creativity to find a way out. With this map you can get the full feeling of an escape room while not having to leave your own home. Begin your break out now and find your way to freedom!

Download Escape Room: Prison Escape


Escape the Emerald Empire by PixelOneUp 

The Emerald Empire has been on the rise and has now taken you over as a hostage! It’s all down to you to make your way out and escape the Emerald Empire. This map will demand your best Minecraft skills and has plenty of obstacles along the way. Obstacles in this map include the ability to skillfully maneuver your player in parkour, completing puzzles, and fighting your way through the emerald mobs. 

Download Escape The Emerald Empire


The Nether Escape by Mythicus

Welcome to the scary side of the Nether Realm, where the evil Leech King has personally summoned you into the Realm to be at his side. Make your great escape from the king by making your way through the dark depths of the Nether realm, fighting the undead, fierce warriors, new monsters and other deadly enemies. This map is chock filled with quests and adventures to truly experience the Nether and even comes with 5 skins to fully immerse yourself into the world. Come to Leech King and fight your way out and prove yourself as worthy!

Download The Nether Escape


Lava Block Survival by Team Visionary

Ever played The Floor is Lava? Then we’ve got the perfect survival map for you! We have created various lava spots throughout the world and one small misstep can lead you to your death! Along with the floor becoming lava, the creatures have also evolved to live in and around the lava. This map comes with 10 skins so you can become one with the lava! 

Download Lava Block Survival


Escape Room: The Temple by Project Moonboot

Take this action packed adventure and see if you can find your way out of this temple! Project Moonbot has put together an array of puzzles, traps, and parkour objectives. We challenge you to unlock each level and test your puzzling skills. 

Download Escape Room: The Temple


4 Escape Rooms by Mine-North

Missing going to a fun escape room with your friends during quarantine? In this map, you can go to the house, bunker, sewage system, and the apartments. Take this for a less nerve racking experience as your player is not in any danger, but still has to make a great escape. This map comes with 5 skins to go along with the escape room themes and will challenge your brain and creativity skills to make your way out. Mine-North includes one free skin with your purchase. Take it up a notch and time your escapes to see how fast you and your friends can solve the obstacles! 

Download 4 Escape Rooms


Elements: Survival Adventure by Blocklab Studios 

Whether your favorite element is earth, fire, water, or air, this survival map has each element perfectly implemented into the world. This survival adventure map places you onto an island resided by 4 guardians, one for each element, and they all have tasks for you. The guardians will send you through adventures of your own by giving challenges with farming, mob battles, looting for treasures, and even more unexpected turns along the way. Start your elemental experience now and become one with the world! 

Download Elements: Survival Adventure


Brain-Box by The Wizard and Wyld

This unique survival map quite literally takes you inside someone’s head, and you must explore all the regions of the brain; you’ll discover many hidden parts to the mind. This map will heavily challenge you by providing scarce and limited resources while having to deal with enemies and monsters who will attempt to eliminate you out of this giant head. This challenge map has 6 main items that you will search for. Map your way through the head and embark on your journey now! 

Download Brain Box


Survival Island By BBB Studios 

Wake up! We’re stranded on a strange island with pirates and wild animals! Take on the challenge of finding new species and recruiting pirates to fight with you against the evil pirate captain and building a better civilization of your own. The island is also riddled with hidden keys that unlock the ultimate treasures lost deep in caves and coves! Become the best pirate in history and st’arrrr’t your adventure today!

Download Survival Island 


Prison Escape – Roleplay by InPvP

Trouble in Paradise has struck! You are a prisoner in this massive jail on a remote island and you are faced with an ethical challenge. You have the choice to either escape your fated doom on this island, or you can help your captors and stop your fellow inmates from escaping the island. Whichever path you choose, you will be faced with many difficulties and challenges all while having a tropical view of the ocean and island surrounding you. This map gives you 10 free prison themed skins so you can dress to your role. 

Download Prison Escape – Roleplay


Take the challenge today and start these enticing maps! From surviving isolated islands to escaping temples, we’re sure that you will enjoy all of these maps!

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