Just because June is ending in a week doesn’t mean there isn’t enough time to play some more great mashups! For today’s article, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best Minecraft mashups that are a must-have for this month! From fully-developed fantasy realms to schools of ghosts, ghouls, and monsters, there is something for everyone! 

Pirates of the Caribbean by Minecraft 

What does summer remind you of? Ice cream, the beach? Definitely pirate ships! 

In this mashup, you get to roleplay as the characters of the popular movies Pirates of the Caribbean! You can sail on The Black Pearl across the seven seas, beginning your pirate career and plundering whatever you come across. Sure beats ice cream and beaches, doesn’t it?

You can find this mashup on the Minecraft Marketplace, here

Ninja Mash-up by Everbloom Games 

Have you ever wondered how ninjas feel during the summer, where they have to be covered in dark clothing to remain stealthy even though it’s hot outside? Wonder no longer!

This is a mash-up by Everbloom Games that lets you roleplay as a ninja. You can use your grappling hook to jump around the wonderfully detailed 19th-century Japanese city and participated in timed trials. For the more combat inclined, there is also a dojo in the city where you can test your fighting skills by going up against several waves of mobs.

Get this mashup on the Minecraft Marketplace, here. Or if you’re still not sure, take a look at the preview video below.

Animal Kingdom Mash-Up by Cyclone Designs

What if the Minecraft world you know and love was populated solely by animals? That’s the basic premise this mash-up by Cyclone Designs has and the results are impressive!

Each familiar setting has been remade and repurposed to be a home for a certain group of animals. The birds have become pirates of the coasts, the elephants and giraffes have become desert villagers and pillagers. Even the lion has taken his title of “king of the animals” a bit too seriously because he now has a golden crown and a full set of armor! 

Although this mash-up was intended for the 1.11 Village and Pillage update, it is still very much worth checking out today. Find it here

Animal Kingdom by Cyclone Designs

Animal Kingdom by Cyclone Designs

Tropical City Resort by Team Visionary

Our own Team Visionary enters this list with Tropical City Resort, a mashup that screams summer from the name itself. If the weather is getting too hot for you, cool down in the Tropical City Resort.

With 29 vehicles, you can drive around the city to impress your friends. You can go to the zoo to see some of the 38 custom animals included in the mashup. If you’re in the mood for a makeover, you can equip one of the total 80 skins the resort has to offer, including 2 that are completely free. 

Get the mashup on the Minecraft Marketplace, here. Or watch our timelapse video to see how it was built!

Egyptian Mythology Mash-up by Minecraft

Overshadowed by Greek Mythology, the gods of Ancient Egypt aren’t talked about a lot. The sun god Ra, the burial hound Anubis, the king of the underworld Osiris. All of these sound familiar, but in this mash-up pack, you actually get to see them, talk to them and play with them!

Featuring familiar structures such as the Sphinx and pyramids, you can crawl through dungeons or just pretend you’re a Pharaoh and order everyone around. Whichever you think is best. 

You can find the mashup on the Minecraft Marketplace, here. 

City Builder Mash-up by Pathway Studios

Building cities is hard, obviously. It takes patience, skill, and persistence. Some of the biggest cities in Minecraft have taken years to build and it’s no surprise. However, Pathway Studios makes city building seem easy in their City Builder Mash-up

Rather than building the structures yourself, all you have to do in this mashup pack is to gather the required materials. Then, you buy upgrades for buildings and your city builds itself! It’s really as simple as it sounds!

Watch the video and get the pack, here, on the Minecraft Marketplace. 

Nuclear Craft Deserted City by Goe-Craft

Have you heard? Nuclear fallout is all the rage this summer! At least, judging by Geo-Craft’s Nuclear Craft – Deserted City map. The name is a mouthful, we know, but the map is pretty impressive!

After climbing out of the bunker you’ve been in for ages, you decide to go out and explore the abandoned cities filled with mutant creatures. From there, who knows where the story might go? This mash-up pack features a narrated storyline. 

You can get the map on the Minecraft Marketplace, here. Make sure to watch the trailer below:


So whether you want to become a ninja or you want to soak and have plenty of fun in the sun, are plenty of great value Minecraft mashup packs out there for you to explore!

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