The online job world can be very lucrative for everyone with the right talent, that even includes games too like Minecraft. Having a special talent in Minecraft can be a very rewarding way to earn money online, especially now when everyone is at home. Slowly but surely, Minecraft sellers are becoming a respectable part of the online business world. You get to play the game and make money on the side, what isn’t to love about that?

In this article, we offer you some helpful tips on how to set up your Minecraft Shop and sell your Minecraft skills successfully, ranging from detailed threads on online forums offering your services to full online stores made to fit every user’s demands, just like our team has created at

Finding Your Talent

The first part of successfully setting up your Minecraft shop and selling your skills is knowing what exactly you’re good at. Are you good at building? Do you create amazing graphics? Do you love to code? Or something else entirely? 

Typically, services offered in Minecraft have to do with one of the following:

  • Building – making epic builds for the general public of various communities such as Minecraft servers. 
  • Graphics – making Minecraft skins, designing logos, creating 3D models, and anything relating to graphic artworks.
  • Development – creating Minecraft mods and plugins, making websites, and other coding-related services.
  • Staff – managing servers and teams, being a moderator/admin on large Minecraft servers, etc.

If your talent doesn’t fall into the above categories, but you still have some great ideas, that’s okay! There’s always room for creativity, especially in the online space.

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Most Minecraft careers start either through MC-M (Minecraft Market) or the individual websites of the person. 

Minecraft Market, at, is an online forum where everyone can offer their services for free. It has a very large community, so there are clients asking for just about anything related to Minecraft. However, some sections, in particular, have high competition, so it might be hard to get a lot of clients when starting off.

Another effective way is creating your own website offering services and premade projects, such as the one we’ve made for Minecraft builds at Web developers, in general, can be very expensive, so we recommend hiring someone who has worked with Minecraft related websites before and understands the process. Such services can be found on MCM or using a website building tool like Wix or WordPress plugins like Elementor and WPBakery.

Finally, there are also many service teams, build teams and even Minecraft servers offering a group environment for your services. You can usually find these around the internet, or in the Recruitment & Staff section on Minecraft Market. We’re recruiting for some positions at Team Visionary, so feel free to take a look at the Career section of our website:

Setting up your Minecraft Shop

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Building a Reputation

When starting out, it can be tough to get clients because there are so many people that have more experience and thus have better vouches. Don’t be discouraged though, you’ll find a way to pull through.

One thing we recommend doing is coming up with a value proposition, which simply means what are you offering to your clients that will add value to their business or make their lives easier? We always recommend offering a free product to select people, these are known as vouch copies, which is where you will do a service for a client in exchange for a testimonial and a recommendation. These can help you quickly gain a reputation through word of mouth and they work especially well on MCM where there’s a built-in reputation system. 

Alternatively, you can start off by selling your services for a lower price than your competitors, making users more inclined to come to you and slowly building your reputation so that you can eventually increase your prices. 

Adding value to your customers from your Minecraft Shop

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In your service career, you will want to make an investment in advertising your service to become more known and get more clients. Community-focused websites like Minecraft Market offer a suite of advertising options such as sticky threads, that will help increase your service presence on the website. There are also several other websites where you can advertise, such as on websites that allow you to download server software.

Another good idea is paying Minecraft YouTubers to advertise for you in their videos. Some sections of MCM have existing YouTubers offering advertising services for low prices. In general, you want to keep your advertising to more Minecraft oriented areas of the internet for a maximum effect.

And last, you have the internet at wide! Advertisement platforms like Google Ads, Facebook and much more can assist you with driving more traffic over to your service thread and website.

Advertise your Minecraft Shop

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We hope this article helped encourage you to start your journey providing services and has given you some insight on how to put yourself out there. There’s a world out there full of Minecraft service requests, and it’s calling your name, so why don’t you answer that calling?

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