We’ve covered everything from skin packs to minigames, but what of adventure maps? As they are usually the hardest, most complicated both mechanics and story-wise, adventure maps take a lot of time to make in order to provide the best experience of players.

The official Minecraft Marketplace has a section where adventure maps are posted, and they’re all top-notch quality. In this article, we will go over 5 of these adventure maps which we think you’d enjoy playing this month!

Way of the Nether by Razzleberries

With the Nether update going live last week, there is sure to be an influx of 1.16 maps coming out this month. Razzleberries have gotten ahead of the curve however with their Way of the Nether map.

The story follows the player looking for the missing mayor of Poppy Isle. What’s interesting about this map and what separates it from most is that rather than just being a narrative-driven set of challenges, its goal is to introduce the player to the features of the update and to teach how to use them. 

They’ve also released a video trailer for the map, which you can view below. The map is completely free to download on the Minecraft Marketplace, here.

Rockett Adventures Episode 1 by Lifeboat

While other teams are busy making standalone adventures, Lifeboat has made their own little series of adventure maps following the story of Jake and Nora, two adventurers that find themselves in fun and wacky situations. Each episode is fully-voiced with tons of themed features.

The first episode is free to download so you can get a taste of the series. It follows the story of the main characters’ mom having a malfunctioned time machine that brings dinosaurs into the world! You will have to find a way to fix the time machine and save the world from the dinosaurs. 

The first episode also has a trailer which you can watch below. Here are the links to each of the 3 episodes out so far:

Temple Hunters by Dodo Studios

Ever wanted to be an explorer or an archaeologist, Indiana Jones-style? Temple Hunters by Dodo studies features 3 temples built by the pharaohs, filled with various challenges for you to go through until you find that sweet, sweet, treasure. 

The map is multiplayer friendly, so you can share the loot with your friends if you want to! You can find the map here.

Temple Hunters by Dodo Studios

Sam and Danni by Blockception

Jump right into one of the most diversified adventure series we have seen yet with blockceptions’ Sam & Danni series. This series aims to cover a whole range of different adventures like jungle exploring, defending a western town from bandits and plenty more!

There’s a whole lot to love about this series, there are a total of 8 series currently published, of which you can find them all on their official website.

Mayan Pyramid Adventure by Team Visionary

Have you ever wanted to be a jungle explorer and explore the ancient artifacts of the jungles and its temples? Now you can in Team Visionary’s Mayan Pyramind Adventure! This map is a full-on adventure into finding a temple, of which you have to fight your way through to see if an artifact exists that is rumoured to be there.

Are you ready to jump into jungle explorer mode and find the artifact? Get the map here.


Everyone loves a great adventure map! And we hope with this article we have allowed you to find your next biggest adventure!

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