Hello hello, everyone! We hope you’re having a great day so far. Welcome back to another “Best Of” compilation from Team Visionary. Today, we’ll be covering some of the newest Minecraft Luxury Survival Spawns on the Minecraft Marketplace for February 2022.

Survival Spawns, or Maps, are perhaps some of the earliest custom “gamemodes” introduced in Minecraft. The premise is simple: creative content creators create a map with custom builds, mechanics, gameplay and maybe even command block scripts. 

Players then download the map and load it into their own singleplayer world or multiplayer server, then play it! The Minecraft Marketplace has created a platform for creative folk to offer lots of unique downloadable content. There are tons of different types of maps, ranging from extremely difficult to a walk in the park, and from medieval-themed to sleek and modern. This list includes a range of all sorts of map genres, themes and difficulties. Will you challenge yourself, or are you just looking to load up a map and explore? Let’s get into things! 

Diamond Mansion by Odyssey Builds

Diamond Mansion

Welcome to the most expensive mansion in the world! Diamond Mansion by Odyssey Builds delivers exactly what it says on the tin: a mansion made largely of diamond blocks, as well as blocks that match the palette. The mansion is built in a minimalistic, modern style, accented with dark wood, sandstone and prismarine to create a charming brown-blue-white palette that’s sure to fit into your world.

Besides being gorgeously built, of course, this tropical mansion also comes fully furnished with all the utilities and luxuries you could ever need. From huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a massive swimming pool complete with lounge chairs, perfectly manicured hedges and a huge yard for all your pets and livestock to run around in, this mansion has absolutely everything you could ever need in order to host a roleplay or survival session. Bring your friends and watch them marvel at the bling of this diamond mansion!

Download Diamond Mansion

Ultimate Underground Base by Odyssey Builds

Ultimate Underground Base by Odyssey Builds (Minecraft Marketplace Map) - Minecraft Marketplace

A fancy base above-ground is great and all, but you know what’s cooler? A completely hidden, sprawling underground base where monsters can’t bother you, and where it’s super convenient to slip down that mine shaft to grab resources. Ultimate Underground Base by Odyssey Builds delivers exactly that: an underground base complete with literally every luxury you could think of, from automatic farms to shiny custom vehicles!

Make use of this stunning base and explore the countless rooms and corridors to experience everything this base has to offer! From working light-switches that control the dimness of your new home, automatic smelters and automatic farms where you just need to press a button and obtain tons of resources from, as well as a helipad and garage with actual vehicles in it, this base is sure to make all your friends intensely jealous! Why not take a look at some of the Team Visionary’s Cool Minecraft Plugins and learn more about the endless possibilities within the Minecraft gaming world.

Download Ultimate Underground Base

Winter Millionaire Resort by Waypoint Studios

Winter Millionaire Resort

Welcome to the Winter Millionaire Resort by Waypoint Studios! This massive resort sits in the middle of a frosty tundra, right in the middle of a homey, warm and populated village. Explore the surrounding terrain and area, or hop right on in into the luxurious hotel to enjoy some 5 star service at a millionaire resort! 

This spawn comes with a winter resort, of course, complete with lavish hotel rooms, candy cane decorations, and more! Enjoy some gourmet food in the lounge, or have it brought up to your room with room service. Of course, this being a survival spawn, the spawn also comes with tons of easter eggs, treasure chests and loot hidden around the map for you and your friends to find while relaxing and enjoying the holiday season on this luxurious winter island.

Download Winter Millionaire Resort

Island Mansion by Rareloot

Island Mansion

The preview image alone of this spawn should have you scrambling to install it into your world — look at how absolutely gorgeous this island is! Island Mansion by Rareloot features a show stopping resort that’s sure to be your one – stop – shop in any survival or tropical island themed Minecraft playthrough. Besides being stunning, this island mansion also comes with over 30 (!!!!) survival farms and contraptions for you and your friends to use while surviving off the land in absolute luxury. 

Other features of this mind blowingly beautiful spawn include a roller coaster that goes straight into the mines, as well as helicopters and jetskis that you can use to explore the area around the mansion, or take some sick pictures to flex on your friends. If all that wasn’t enough, this mansion also comes with 3D, custom modeled furniture, vehicles, and 5 awesome skins. What are you waiting for? It’s time to move in! 

Download Island Mansion

Eco City by Impulse

Eco City in Minecraft Marketplace | Minecraft

Though cyberpunk is certainly a popular genre, few people know of its equally fantastical cousin, solarpunk. Eco City by Impulse introduces this beautiful theme to Minecraft with this lush, futuristic city filled with modern buildings coexisting with gorgeous flora and fauna. Explore the gardens of Eco City and marvel at the technical ingenuities of these east-asian inspired buildings!

This map also comes with a custom-modeled, completely rideable monorail that runs through all the beautiful landmarks and hotspots of the city. Tour this work of art and make yourself at home in one of the houses, or just take a day marveling at the beautiful build style and custom terrain that extends far past the city! T

Download Eco City


And there you have it! Make your home deep underground with Ultimate Underground Base by Odyssey Builds, or adventure into the mines on a custom roller coaster with Island Mansion! What world will you venture forth into first? We hope that this article helped you find the perfect Minecraft Luxury Base Survival Spawns to kick off the month.