Hello hello, everyone! We hope you’re having a great day so far. Welcome back to another “Best Of” compilation from Team Visionary. Today, we’ll be covering some of the newest Minecraft Gadget Packs on the Minecraft Marketplace for March 2022.

Survival Spawns, or Maps, are perhaps some of the earliest custom “gamemodes” introduced in Minecraft. The premise is simple: creative content creators create a map with custom builds, mechanics, gameplay and maybe even command block scripts. Players then download the map and load it into their own singleplayer world or multiplayer server, then play it! The Minecraft Marketplace has created a platform for creative folk to offer lots of unique downloadable content. There are tons of different types of maps, ranging from extremely difficult to a walk in the park, and from medieval-themed to sleek and modern. In the case of this article, these spawns add in tons of new features, items and gadgets for your playing pleasure.

Let’s get into things! 

Overpowered Bows by 4KS Studios

Overpowered Bows by 4KS Studios is a game-changing pack that brings ultra modded Minecraft into your everyday Minecraft gameplay! As of recent updates, lots and lots of attention has been given to adding new blocks, mobs, and even biomes. One thing, however, that hasn’t been given any love is the Minecraft bow, which has stayed old and wooden and sad. 🙁

Overpowered Bows, as it says on the tin, adds twenty-five brand new bows into your game, each with their own unique abilities. Leap into the sky and rain death down from above with a storm of explosive arrows! You’ll be able to bring these bows into your world and battle it out against the Wither and Ender Dragon, or even whip them out in a PvP battle and destroy your friends! These bows come with their own crafting recipe — and the mod is fully updated, meaning some recipes even make use of the newest resources added into the game. Why not learn how to make Minecraft Skins with the Team Visionary tutorials.

Download Overpowered Bows

Backpacks: Craftable! by Kreatik Studios

Whether you’re new to Minecraft or a veteran, there’s no doubt that every single one of us have run into this problem before: the issue of having too many items that your measly little inventory can hold! As you travel, you might find many of Minecraft’s wonders such as the desert pyramids, abandoned mineshafts, or even the elusive jungle temple. Because of this, it’s easy to run out of space and get forced to travel back home — or even, alas, leave items behind!

Backpacks: Craftable! by Kreatik Studios solves this conundrum by adding in nifty little backpacks to the game. With the 40+ unique and craftable backpack designs that this pack introduces, you should never face storage problems again… and if you do, you may want to look into your hoarding problem instead. These wearable backpacks will allow you to have an infinite amount of inventory space without having to lug around all of those Shulker boxes or ender chests! So you can enjoy your far-off adventure, or delve into the depths of the earth without any worry!

Download Backpacks: Craftable!

Custom Hearts by GlowFischDesigns

Custom Hearts by GlowFischDesigns enhances your Minecraft gameplay without adding anything too crazy: by letting you craft all-new hearts that can help you in times of need! The pack adds in 19 unique and different hearts, each of them able to get you out of a sticky situation with their individual abilities that activate when you take damage.

Load this pack up into a world and work your way through each tier of hearts. Starting at dirt hearts, which do practically nothing, you’ll find yourself working up to stronger hearts such as the emerald heart, which will spawn an iron golem to defend you in tough fights. After you’ve crafted your hearts and geared up with the best stuff, challenge the ender dragon. By taking its breath, you will be able to craft the strongest heart of them all, the ender dragon heart — no spoilers on what it does though. You’ll need to find out for yourself! If you would like to understand more about Minecraft, check out the Team Visionary Minecraft interior design ideas and concepts.

Download Custom Hearts

Weapons Expansion Fantasy by Shapescape

What goes better with the Overpowered Bows pack from higher up in this list, than a pack called Weapons Expansion Fantasy by Shapescape? Whether you play it together or alone, this pack will offer you tons of new cool fantasy weapons to use. And if all of those shiny new blades and bows aren’t enough for you, did I mention this also comes with a ton of MAGIC?! 

This fantasy weapons pack adds in a whopping 100+ new weapon options for you to pick from! Whether you want to put everything around you to sleep, drop a massive anvil to crush your foes, or even build a massive guards tower for you to shoot out of in just a single instant, this pack will let you do all of that, plus a ton more, with its vast weapon and magical selections. The only thing you’ll need to do is find the resources, and (much harder) decide which of the countless awesome weapons you want to use. 

Download Weapons Expansion Fantasy

Morph: Be a Mod! by Chunklabs

Ever wanted to transform into a creeper and freak your friends out by standing behind them as they build? What about into a plump little bee, buzzing around without a care in the world? Much like the name suggests, Morph: Be a Mob! by Chunklabs lets you become all of the different kinds of mobs in the game.

Not only can you become the mob of your dreams, you’ll also be able to take on their abilities and even their health! Become a small axolotl — which has low health but is able to swiftly move in the water — or defeat and become the Wither itself to rain explosions down below! Of course, this ability doesn’t come free, and you’ll need to build up the resources over time to create these 50+ mob disguises. This pack is great for roleplay, or just simply for fun! Each mob offers something unique that will be able to fit any situation.


And there you have it! Forge your own legendary weapons in the Weapons Expansion Fantasy Pack, craft your own powerful hearts in the Custom Hearts pack, or journey through the world looting and shooting with the Backpacks: Craftable! pack. What will you craft first? We hope that this article helped you find the perfect Minecraft Gadget Packs to kick off the month.