Hello, readers! 2025 is nearing its end, and as we emerge from the rubble and chaos, we hope that you can still find it in yourselves to be hopeful for the new year! Whether you’re still stuck at home because of the COVID situation, or if your life has returned to a normal routine (lucky!), I think that we can all safely say that the one constant throughout this rollercoaster of a year has been the comfort of video games. 

As 2024 drops its last few video game bombshells in the form of Cyberpunk 2077, Immortals Fenyx Rising and Genshin Impact, we hope that all you gamers out there are having a blast enjoying the pinnacle of video game technology — but we also hope that you don’t forget your roots and can still manage to make some time for good old Minecraft! 

Of course, on the flip end of things, we also know that all these new releases (AAA-titles, DLCs and gacha games, oh my!) may have left your wallet feeling a little… emptier than usual. That’s why we’re here today with a whopping massive list of 20 FREE Minecraft Marketplace items that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Without further ado, let’s get into things!


While this list is sizable, there are still many more free items on the Marketplace that we could have included. While it was certainly tough to choose between all the talented projects and content creators on the market, here’s how we chose exactly what items to include on this list, and which ones to pass. 


We put a heavy focus on maps, spawns and items that supported multiplayer. After all, what fun is video games if you can’t share the joy of playing them with your friends and family? Minecraft maps, we feel, should be designed for multiple players — or at least, account for that possibility. 


While this wasn’t a must, we definitely kept an eye out for maps that offered some kind of replayability, over maps that could only be played once over a short period of time. Of course, there are brilliant maps out there that are story-based and a one-time deal. We made an exception for those especially good ones! 

Custom Content

One of the things that make Minecraft the incredible game that it is, is the flexibility that it offers its users, players and content creators. Naturally, we think that it’s a big waste when said flexibility isn’t exercised in custom-made maps. We tried to include only maps that contain custom textures, models or mechanics.

High Quality Aesthetics

Of course, mechanics and content are some  of the most important things to look out for, but depending on who you ask, there’s another aspect of gaming that’s just as important: the graphics! We looked for maps that offered a welcome change from Minecraft’s familiar, charming graphics — whether these maps took a different approach on pixel art or transformed the landscape of Minecraft altogether, they’re sure to be a pleasure to your eyes.

Fun Gameplay

And finally, last but certainly not least, we judged each map with a very simple, final criteria: would it provide a fun experience to players of various interests, availabilities and levels of expertise? After all, what more can you ask of a video game? 


Before we get into spawns, minigames and maps, we’ve got to make sure that you look the part! Here’s a list of the best free skin packs that the Minecraft Marketplace has to offer.

Rockin’ Holiday Skins by Minecraft

Rockin' Holiday Skins

With the holidays right around the corner, how could we miss out on showcasing some of these free festive skins? Boasting a bright palette of red and white, these Rockin’ Holiday Skins are stylish, warm and comfy: perfect for the incoming snow and cold weather as the year draws to an end.

Download Rockin’ Holiday Skins!

Our Gift to You by 57Digital

Our Gift to You

Another festive skin pack, although these are a little different from the usual holiday skins! These skins turn you into neatly-wrapped presents of different shapes, sizes and colors! It’s fitting, after all, considering that your presence is a gift to your friends and family! 🙂

Download Our Gift to You!

Minecraft x Uniqlo Skin Pack by Mike Gaboury

Minecraft x Uniqlo Skin Pack

Not much of a fan for festive skins? Not to worry, this Minecraft x Uniqlo collaboration skinpack will solve all your fashion problems! Uniqlo being one of the biggest Japanese casual wear designers in the world, these skins are sure to fit in every situation — while making you look like you’ve just walked out of a fashion magazine!

Download Minecraft x Uniqlo Skin Pack!

Summer Beach Party by Goe-Craft

Summer Beach Party

Want to go one step further in shunning the cold weather? Or perhaps you live somewhere where it’s still nice and warm, even in December, and you’re not sure what the hype is all about. Enjoy the summer vibes with these breezy summer beach outfits!

Download Summer Beach Party!

Norse Mythology Bonus Skins by Minecraft

Norse Mythology Bonus Skins

Then again, why limit yourself to social norms and human festivals, when the sky’s the limit in Minecraft? Revisit the chilly Scandinavian shores and forge your own legends of old with this free Norse Mythology skinpack! 

Download Norse Mythology Bonus Skins!

Builders and Biomes by Minecraft

Builders & Biomes

Looking to fit the part you play the most in Minecraft? Whether you’re the explorer, farmer, warrior, hunter, builder, archer or freeloader of the friend group, there’ll be a skin for you in this official, free Minecraft skin pack: Builders and Biomes! 

Download Builders and Biomes!


Way of the Nether by Razzleberries

A dimensional rift has appeared overnight in Poppy Isle & the mayor has gone missing! It’s up to you to venture into the Nether & figure out what happened. 

Way of the Nether by Razzleberries is one of the most popular maps on the Marketplace, with over a whopping 130 thousand ratings — and it’s no wonder! Way of the Nether is an incredibly high-quality adventure map – slash – tutorial for the newest Minecraft version: 1.16. The map weaves a heroic tale and fun gameplay into an in-depth introduction that teaches you all about the new Nether and its inhabitants. It’s hard to imagine that this map is free, but it is! So hurry, go grab it now!

Download Way of the Nether!

Simburbia by Jigarbov Productions

City-building and life simulators have long since dominated the gaming market, and has been made explosively popular with the conception of the Sims series. It’s only natural that someone would have tried to transfer the concept to Minecraft, and Jigarbov Productions does a fantastic job with Simburbia. 

A project that introduces city-building to Minecraft through a creatively interactive map, beautiful builds, fun abilities and tons of custom models and mechanics, Simburbia is a must-grab from this list if you enjoy resource and city management games. 

Download Simburbia!

Astronaut Training Center by Shapescape

Astronaut Training Center

With everything that’s going on in the world today, it’s not far-fetched to want to escape it all for a little — maybe even leave it all behind and travel the outer space for a while! But of course, leaving Earth behind is no easy feat. 

Astronaut Training Center comes with tons of custom models and unique science-y mechanics that’s sure to pique the interest of any science-minded folks out there. Study hard and pass the tests in the Astronaut Training Center for a chance to visit the stars!

Download Astronaut Training Center!

Glitch Runner: Endless Parkour by Pathway Studios

Let’s take a break from mind-boggling scientific puzzles and fierce, heroic adventures for a moment! Glitch Runner: Endless Parkour offers just what its name promises: endless parkour fun over a funky neon landscape! Navigate across winding paths and collect exciting power ups while avoiding traps, and carry the volatile energy core to safety in this arcade game.

Perhaps the most unique part about this parkour map, however, is that it generates a different course every game, ensuring that no two experiences is the same in Glitch Runner is the same.

Download Glitch Runner: Endless Parkour!

Spring-A-Majig Bundle by The Misfit Society

The winter of this year has lasted too long (more like this year has lasted too long, really…) and you’ve been tasked with the simple task of bringing an end to the bitter cold. Celebrate the coming of the new year and the warmth of spring with these two charming maps, and embark on a magical adventure to save the village.

This bundle includes both the adventure map, where you’ll play through the story and its quests, as well as the same map in the form of a survival spawn: meaning you’ll be able to play, live and thrive in the beautiful little spawn that serves as a setting for this whimsical adventure. 

Download Spring-A-Majig Bundle!

International Space Station by Minecraft

International Space Station

Did you know that humans have been living in space for almost 20 years? A beautiful testament to human perseverance and ingenuity, this map is the collaborative culmination of Minecraft’s partnership with NASA in efforts to teach players about the wonders of space

It’s time for blast off! While this isn’t technically a game, we thought that we could add this to the list just because well, space is super cool! Run hundreds of tests on-board and learn everything you need to know about this manmade structure floating through the stars right now. 

Download International Space Station!

The Legendary Phoenix by Goe-Craft

While it’s nice to change it up every once in a while, there’s nothing quite like the tried-and-true hero’s journey formula that adventure maps often use. In The Legendary Phoenix, you’re tasked with travelling to frozen land lost in time and exploring its bygone civilization of frigid lakes, villages, and castles. 

Unlock ancient secrets as you complete the challenging quests before you, and obtain the six magic scrolls to free the Legendary Arctic Phoenix! The map itself comes with a narrated and riveting story, custom boss fights, 10 free skins and a captivating arctic landscape that’s sure to steal your breath.

Download The Legendary Phoenix!

Way of the Bee by Razzleberries

Razzleberries hits it out of the park again with another charming, witty little adventure map. In the prologue to Way of the Nether, this time, you’ll be in charge of restoring Poppy Isle from ruin by mastering the way of the bees. While 1.15 has been out for quite some time, there’s always more to learn from the adorable, hardworking bees!

Journey along with a quirky bee scientist, witty dialogue, and extremely high-quality and educational mechanics to bring Poppy Isle back to life! 

Download Way of the Bee!

Safari World by Cyclone

In Safari World, we catch a glimpse of the possibilities when knowledgeable zoologists and talented 3D modellers unite under the name of Minecraft. Who needs a real zoo in 2020? Immerse yourself in the sprawling savanna of Safari World, studying, capturing and documenting rare animals. 

This map includes 35 animals and their natural habitats, over 30 unique and realistic audio files for each creature, and two custom vehicles that players can take for a joy ride among the beasts. Be careful, though — they might be hungry! 

Download Safari World!

Sub0 by Everbloom Games

This one’s for all the puzzle lovers and problem solvers out there! Sub0 involves a frosty puzzle arcade game that involves sliding a block across the slippery ice, to its destination. It sounds easy, but each level brings new challenges and mechanics that are truly mind-boggling. 

With 40+ unique levels that progressively get more and more difficult, this map is perfect for puzzle-solvers of any age. Can you reach the last level? 

Download Sub0!

LUMEN: City Challenge by Blockworks

Design, build and manage your very own high-rise city in LUMEN: City Challenge! Not only is this a resource management game with beautiful assets and builds, it’s also a real unique challenge — you’ll also need to keep an eye on your pollution levels, population, and other resources in order to grow your city properly!

Collect taxes, crack down on sources of pollution and balance the thin line between energy sources. Unfortunately, this is a single-player only map; but because it’s so unique, we thought that we’d give it a shoutout on this list too!

Download LUMEN: City Challenge!

10 Years of Minecraft by Blockworks

While again, not exactly a game, this map is just so special that we had to include it on this list. This map has consolidated 10 rich years of Minecraft history into one spectacular map that teaches players, new and old, about the journey that this game has gone through over the past decade. 

Explore gardens and block museums, wander through gardens of monsters and animals, be wowed by the redstone contraptions, and more! It’s like a museum trip without leaving your house! Plus, there are tons of easter eggs and secrets around the map. 

Download 10 Years of Minecraft!


While no one knows what the coming year holds for us, we can be certain of one thing: you’ll have an absolute blast with your friends and family playing these maps. We hope that these maps will bring you hours and hours of joy, whether you’re still stuck in quarantine or you’ve resumed living your life amidst the chaos of 2024. Have a fantastic weekend, readers, and thanks for visiting us!