Your dream, is our vision

NFT Worlds Building Services

Team Visionary strives to bring the beauty and absolute perfection to the emerging NFT space. With our team of highly skilled and experienced world designers, we aim to push the envelop to the moon, heck, why not Mars? Our goal is to stand out from the rest of the teams with our industry leading level design and level of detail. We look forward to working with you!

Your Dream

Do you have a dream you'd like to see replicated into 3D voxel art? Look no further, Team Visionary is the premiere Minecraft NFT build team that can do just that.

Our Vision

With our many decades of combined experience, and industry leading level designers, Team Visionary is here to blow minds with what can be achieved in Minecraft. We look forward to pushing the envelop with you!


Our process is simple, you contact us, we discuss the project and settle on a price. All payments will be processed with ETH only.


per 400x400 NFTWorld

Personal commissions meant for personal use

Rushed Services = 30 percent additional
7 to 10 days timeframe
per 400x400 NFTWorld

Community commissions for social use

Rushed Services = 30 percent additional
7 to 10 days timeframe
per 100x100

Sandbox plot

Rushed Services = 30 percent additional
7 to 10 days timeframe

Additional Services
+ Anything larger than 400×400 for NFTWorld will be billed 1 ETH per every 100×100 added to the world.
+ Anything larger than 100×100 for sandbox will be billed 2 ETH per every 10×10 added to the plot.
+ Custom textures and models.
+ NFTWorlds renders and cinematics.


Do you have a sizable social media audience you wish to share your
NFT dream worlds with? Partner up with us and we can help achieve your vision!


Rewards Program

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1 to 10 successful referrals

2.5% of the sale paid in ETH


10 to 20 successful referrals

5% of the sale paid in ETH


21+ successful referrals

10% of the sale paid in ETH

Contact Visionary

Interested in working with the best Minecraft NFTWorlds and Sandbox build team? Contact us!