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Check out the Team Visionary teams chosen 5 of the Brightest and Happiest Minecraft Texture Packs of 2022.

If you’re a Minecraft player, you’ve at one point tried a resource pack… and if you haven’t, you’re really missing out on what the game has to offer! After all, Minecraft’s default textures are charming, and some of the new item textures especially have certainly hit the upper limits of pixel art, in a great way. Still, after years — over a decade, for some of us — of looking at the same pixels arranged in the same way, it can get kind of old. 

That’s why we’ve made this collection of awesome Minecraft Resource Packs for you to enjoy while fishing, fighting, farming, mining and building in this incredible game. These are resource packs of all types of genres, resolutions, designs and themes, since they’re some of the favorite resource packs of our whole team. 

If you’re looking for something more specific, do check out our “Best Of” section on our blog, where we group resource pack recommendations (among other things!) by categories and themes — from cute to stylistic to high-performance packs, we’re sure to have something for every kind of Minecraft player!

The Milky Way Texture Pack by Giggle Block Studios

The Milky Way Texture Pack by Giggle Block Studios - MCStore

Grab your trustworthy crew, and get ready to venture out into the great unknown: outer space! As one might think, the Milky Way Texture Pack by Giggle Block Studios is a space-themed texture pack that perfectly embodies the vibe and vastness of space. Furnaces look like something you might find in the kitchen of a spacecraft, and all of the blocks have been retextured to perfectly fit different, foreign planets just waiting to be explored.

Aside from the incredibly creative idea, this pack is also unique in its artstyle. Long-time readers of this blog will know that we love pixel aesthetics when done well — limitation breeds creativity, after all!

And this texture pack certainly does it very, very well, with its simple but detailed lineart and vibrant, bright colors that definitely express the unknown whimsy of the worlds beyond ours. Each block is just pleasing to the eyes, and as you can see on their previews, when used in builds, the blocks all meld together to create absolutely gorgeous pieces of art. This pack also comes with free skins so you can look great while you’re building with the awesome palette of this space themed texture pack. We have some great learning materials for our readers to enjoy such as the Team Visionary Minecraft Building tips tutorials.

Download The Milky Way Texture Pack

Ultra Cute Texture Pack by Cyclone

Ultra Cute Texture Pack

We’ve covered “awesomely cool”, now let’s move on to “sickeningly cute” with Ultra Cute Texture Pack by Cyclone! This pack is… pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, and this studio most certainly wasn’t kidding when they said “ultra cute”! Let your lands shine with an enchanting, pastel atmosphere that this pack delivers perfectly.

All items, blocks and monsters have been retextured into absolutely adorable versions of themselves. Food items have been turned into little Japanese nigiri, paintings into cute pictures of puppies and just LOOK at those little baby cows — we need twenty, stat! Not only is everything actually heart-wrenchingly cute, it’s all still easy on the eyes, colored artfully with light pastel colors instead of with overtly vibrant and eye-burning saturation. This is a must-have if you’d like to have a light-hearted survival playthrough and you adore cute things. 

Download Ultra Cute Texture Pack 

Cute Pixel Texture Pack by Sapphire Studios

Cute Pixel Texture Pack

In contrast to the previous entry in this list, Cute Pixel Texture Pack by Sapphire Studios — another apt name, certainly — focuses on developing the original Minecraft textures into cuter versions of themselves, rather than reskinning and changing the objects, which is certainly what we know some of you out there prefer! 

This pack puts the “aw” into “awful” by slapping sad little faces on monsters, and retexturing each item and block with a vibrantly beautiful and saturated version of themselves. No matter what sort of Minecraft playthrough you’ll be doing, this pack will be perfect for viewing your creations and world in a new, bright light.

Download Cute Pixel Texture Pack

Space Station Textures by Owls Cubed

Space Station Textures

Here’s another space themed texture pack for you all today, though again, very much different from the one we started off with. Space Station Textures by Owls Cubed lets you take on the role of an astronaut, no matter what the map, world or spawn you’re playing with. Do whatever your imagination desires — the sky’s not even the limit in this pack!

This pack comes with stylized  mobs, blocks, items and UI; all of them stylized in a gorgeous, simplistic yet thematic artstyle. Everything has been textured to resemble that of a sci fi game or movie, with grates, vents, caution signs and other machinery. If that weren’t enough, there are also block variations, animated textures and 22 skins! Truly the perfect pack for a sci fi playthrough.

Download Space Station Textures

Pastel Texture Pack by Square Dreams

Pastel Texture Pack

Finally, what would a cheerful, happy texture pack listicle be without a pastel pack, and a gorgeous one at that! Pastel Texture Pack by Square Dreams is sure to make your world more cheerful and vivid!

The blocks are illustrated with a papercraft-like, simplistic and minimalistic artstyle. Of course, the mobs have also been retextured to reflect this, with everything from pigs to ghasts now having charming and adorable faces. This pack is also lower-res, without sacrificing quality, meaning that you can now put this texture pack on no matter how old your computer is.

Download Pastel Texture Pack


And there we have it! 

We hope that this list of resource packs has helped you in finding the perfect brand new look for your next Minecraft playthrough. Once again, this has been a general list of all of our team’s favorite resource packs, and doesn’t fall into any theme or category. 

If you’re looking for something more specific, do check out our “Best Of” section on the Team Visionary Minecraft News Blog, where we group resource pack recommendations (among other things!) by categories and themes — from cute to stylistic to high-performance packs, we’re sure to have something for kind of Minecraft player.

Couldn’t find anything you liked? None of the resource packs we suggested suit your fancy? Not to worry — what if we told you that you could make your very own, custom resource pack to meet all your standards?

Thanks for the read, and we from Team Visionary hope to see you again soon!